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The instincts will help you in your birth

The instincts will help you in your birth

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In the "smooth" birth process, a good few hormones take part: prostaglandin softens the lungs, oxytocin stimulates cough, endorphin reduces pain, adrenal glands.

The instincts will help you in your birth

Hormone secretion is under the control of the pituitary gland. Today, when we want to consciously control our lives in every area, we may find it difficult to accept the bodily processes that we cannot control it voluntarily.And during childbirth, we value working for us, although we can safely turn off, allow the cerebellum - that is, the area that controls our inward actions. Hormone secretion is the more smooth, the more generous the better the cerebellum is controlled. The natural birth situation, the cozy environment facilitates this process. The silent music, the intimate presence, the confidence-provoking people all aim to relax the mother, and let the power of nature go through the power of nature. turns inward, monitors your self, your body signs, your fetus. The stimuli of the world are only partially accessible through filters. This altered state of consciousness promotes bodily processes, hormone secretion, and relaxation. The presence of the technique, the diminutive note of the doctor, or the father's over-anxiety, will all work. The acceleration-deceleration of the fetal tone can also be frighteningly stagnant. The magic of the living room is interrupted by the click of the photo camera and the flash of the flash. Let's keep them short when we make fun of the baby.
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