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Free consultation with Semmelweis University pediatricians

Free consultation with Semmelweis University pediatricians

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The "Bukkay Open" event offers consultation opportunities, practical presentations, birth assistance, nutrition advice, and various screening programs for children.

The Hungarian Children's Hospital has an open day at Semmelweis University for 175 years. Pediatric Clinic at the weekend.The Bukay Pediatric Clinic is the fourth in Europe and the first in the country to celebrate its 175th anniversary this year. "As part of the Jubilee Series of Events, we will have an open day on Sunday, May 11th, Sunday 10th and 16th, for inquiring families, pregnant mothers, and little children in District VIII, Buckeye. and also mascot figure contest winners, "said dr. Attila Szabу, I. of Semmelweis University He is the director of a pediatric clinic.
Visitors can ask questions about daytime asthma, allergies, lactic deficiency, diabetes, and even simple stomach or common foot problems. The Bukay Stretch event will provide practical opportunities beyond consultation, and even teach moms what to do when a baby or toddler gets tired or drowsy. "The felnхttek elsajбtнthatjбk foundations, tanбcsot the most common home accidents sьrgхssйgi ellбtбsбnak may also ъjszьlцttek ellбtбsбhoz, tбplбlбsбhoz or akбr egйszsйges йs diйtбs йtelek elkйszнtйsйhez Mikцzben children szыrйseken and tovбbbi children's programs.. Arcfestйsen, concert may rйszt Will testtцmeg йs testhosszmйrйs, testtцmeg- index calculation, blood pressure, body weight test, "added the director.
Read more about the open day here!


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