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5 Common Mistakes We Make in Kid's Medicine

5 Common Mistakes We Make in Kid's Medicine

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Many children are hospitalized because of poor drug administration. One of the big family portraits was gathering the things parents should pay attention to.

Pay attention to the dosing

When Karen Prignano he returned home from the pharmacy, and his first job was to drop the Serbian he received into the eyes of his six-year-old baby. Then he looked at the glass more closely, and the world almost overwhelmed him, as he realized he had given the girl a drop. It turned out that they were given bad medicine at the pharmacy. After few years, the baby's eyes are fine, but it is estimated that only 71,000 children in the United States urgency medicine because. According to experts, the majority of cases are due to the irresponsibility of the parents. However, the above case proves that it is sometimes the case that the doctor prescribes the wrong prescription or that the pharmacist accidentally mixes the medication. The body of the little ones is much more sensitive to drugs than adults. There are 5 things to look out for. Collection of

1. Freezing

Many anti-cold drugs contain the same active ingredient, but they differ from one another. Always check the medication information, combine it with your child's symptoms, and give him or her the medicine accordingly. And do not give the child two medicines with the same active ingredient.

2. Ignoring your doctor's instructions

You tried to stop giving antibiotics earlier, so if you see that, your child is better, right? But bacteria can still remain in the body if they do not return to the end full circle. And if the disease returns, it may not be the case that the antibiotic you originally took will be of use.

3. It is completely different to nurture the child

Many parents give medicine to the child because it is help them fall asleep say in the car or in the air. This is not the solution, you cannot cure a child the way we feel comfortable. The solution to peace of mind is fun games, healthy food and, of course, endless patience.

4. Overloading

Always pay attention to the exact units! If a dose of milk is recommended, do not count a tablespoon. Let's use a ml glass cup instead. It is also interesting that if the dosage amount is given in milliliters, parents are much more likely to exceed this limit.

5. Are you counting your body weight?

Many manufacturers classify children's medicines as basically what is the weight, not because they're old. This is also worth paying attention to, especially if your child is tall or lean in age. For example, the body of decomposed children decomposes some of the active substances faster than their average weight counterparts.Other important articles on pharmacy:
  • Weight also influences the metabolism of the child
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