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Tales of Advent and Christmas

Tales of Advent and Christmas

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Even the long evenings can be imagined without the need for a fabulous book-surfing story. Here's a little talk about what you want to miss out on, because it really brings the whole family to life.

Tales for Christmas

One to two for ages

The best chance is to tell the little one's head: slowly, intelligently, using the actors and events known everyday. Toddler age is especially when he is the main character himself. For example, you could tell that you were watching Christmas trees together in the market and that the aristocracy had put a strain on you so that you could take people home. Who and what it will bring to the tree, where it will go in the dwelling. You can recall the delights and smells of today's cookie cooking. From one age to another, children are increasingly able to follow simple little stories in a picture book. You can make a simple little pageview of the most beautiful photo of the previous family Christmas.
If you think you know a lot about what Christmas is, you can try this two classic:
Marík Veronika: Kippkopp's Christmas and the Little Mole and the Mouse's Christmas

Three-six for miners

This is the age range toothy humorand rewrite funny, well-drawn stories such as Sven Nordqvist A series of Findus that you just can't skimp on, you'll love it too, especially if you are a cat fan. and it's just like a savage, but sometimes small, insecure parent. And then there are the more or less malevolent neighbors who are astonished at what Pettson does with her cat. Of course, they do not know what kind of special animal you have, and even the other special features of the house, the mummies. Lesz nemulass, Findus! the Santa Claus comes with me or not, and the Pettson Christmas drifts all the way to the big holiday. Richard Scarry Do-it-yourself Christmas is sour, with no humor in adults. Of course, all the characters in this classic book are animals, but it is not surprising if we know some of them, either the neighbors or the grumpy twins. The texts are short, the pictures are detailed, , possibly Let's paint the story with more details. You can ask who your favorite character is or how they would have ended the story. Who's the tallest? Who Has Good Ideas? Which character do you not like to make friends with? It is these conversations that make for an intimate and memorable long night.

Which always comes in handy

Disney tales are loved by all children, big and small. Our favorite fairy tales don't get bored at Christmas. This will be the first Christmas for the puppies. What do the puppies think about the exasperated Christmas tree and the gifts?
The Christmas is coming, but the laughing stock of Sznyr Rt. Is very low, with so much laughter we cannot start the Christmas tree bulbs. What's going to happen? Find out about the 101 stories of the 101 puppies and Sznyny Rt.

Цt-six for yearlings

You can start reading long stories one or two years before you start school. So many Christmases will surely come to mind in the Christmas season Andersen szнvfacsarу tцrtйnetei the fenyхrхl who makes erdх bьszke fбjakйnt and fйlredobva the padlбson, vйgьl elйgetve vйgzi or gyufaбrus kislбnyrуl who freezes the utcбn, mikцzben the szerencsйsebb richer csalбdok inside ьnnepelnek йs bontogatjбk the ajбndйkokat.Ezek the tцrtйnetek igazбn szomorъak, йs also draws children's attention to the folding pages. What will happen to the Christmas tree after we have been uplifted and circumcised? What about people who have no home, money, nothing? Do we notice them? The Hurricane story, too, has a long history of fad, but there is no happy ending. On film and overnight filmmaking, it's worthwhile to post-tell and compare what's left out of the film. What can you give more? Did you imagine the characters like that? The classic of the classics in this genre is E. T. A. Hoffmann's Dutter. Check out the original story! Long, detailed, magical (horrifying ???), full of secrets, one night is not enough.
Even better, if you listen to Tchaikovsky's Dutry in the middle, before, after, next day.
If the original text proves to be too complicated, difficult to accommodate, a modern paper can also be obtained from Varry Danit or Viktor Horvath.You can also choose today's Hungarian author, Lackfi Jбnos For example, the title story of Christmas martyrs tells the story of the three King Christians visiting the New Year in an ovis, small school age, excitingly. Especially for you if you want to talk about how to bid, the october, and the meaning.
The point is to tell you more about each other, perhaps every day, so that the stories and the mood of the conundrum will leave you as much as possible.

If you're looking for a story to write for a parent

Erika Bartos his books, The Bogyu and Babuca, and the Anna, Peti and Gergõ series are well known to everyone. The Angel is a special edition dedicated to older children. The Angel is full of love. It tells the daily lives of special needs children, for whom our children, and we as adults, can learn a great deal about acceptance, togetherness, and love throughout their lives. Do you need this for more Christmas? No. But not at all. Here are some things you should know about stories:
  • A fairy tale can help you get out of poverty!
  • What should we read for high school students?
  • What catches the story carries an important message


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