Frozen and then transplanted the ovary again

Frozen and then transplanted the ovary again

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The 23-year-old Moaza Alnatrooshi may be the first in the world to become pregnant by having her ovariectomy removed at the age of eight.

The woman, at her mother's request, was removed and frozen in the early stages of her ovaries to prevent her reproductive organs from being damaged by the chemotherapy she had developed. They were only able to help with bone marrow transplantation, which included the donor's own brother. The remaining ovary revealed that it did not function perfectly on its own, so Moaza He went through an early menopause at the age of 21. To help his situation, his doctors ordered a frozen ovary to be transported to Denmark, where he underwent a transplant. Following the surgery Moaza hormones have returned to normal levels and then and a flask have taken part in a flask to increase the chance of getting pregnant. The professionals eight oocytes were collected and three embryos were createdwho were frozen and will be planted in the woman's house next month. Doctors are hoping that they are due to a young age, Moaza she will get pregnant soon.

Ovarian replication is a chance for the baby

A woman in Dubai told the Sunday Times she was extremely happy that she had every chance help your life with your own ovary, and will have a severe cataract for her mother, who has thought ahead and insisted on ovarian ovarian chemotherapy treatment and freezing.
Dr. Sarah Matthews - who has participated in ovarian transplantation himself - he believes that if this action is really successful, it can give many young girls who need chemotherapy for a similar disease that they may also need to.
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