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Gemini, but not born in one year

Gemini, but not born in one year

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The California lady herself did not think that New Year's Eve would start in New Year, and most importantly that her children would be born in two different years.

California Maria Esperanza Flores Rios to her surprise, her children arrived 3 weeks earlier than the date they were hatched.
According to 23ABC News, the mother at the Delano Regional Medical Center gives birth to a healthy baby boy, Joaquingave birth to a little girl on New Year's Eve 2 minutes before and then 18 minutes later on January 1, 2018 at 12:16, AitanaThe baby also became the first born baby in the town in 2018. According to the doctors, Aitana has finally come out with a cup because of her lower killing, but she's completely fine.Aitana and Joaquin (Source: The baby's family (the first baby boy of the year) received a $ 3000 worth of baby luggage package, which is a tradition in the city. The pediatrician told the newspaper that during his over 30 years of pile driving, he had never helped twins who had been born in two different years.More interesting articles in this topic:The same baby was born the first baby of the year in each year


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