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Turnaround: urgently need to increase inoculation

Turnaround: urgently need to increase inoculation

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In line with the increase in bending cases, the Scientific Council of the European Academies and the Association of European Medical Academies have listed their revised proposals in ten points.

As the number of bends has increased in astonishing numbers across Europe - according to a recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO) In 2017, the number of cases registered was twice as many as in 2016 - moreover, as there is an urgent need to develop new vaccines against other diseases, the European Commission has developed a roadmap "Strengthened cooperation with preventable patients". The Commission aims to put forward, by mid-2018, a roadmap with a proposal that the European Council would adopt with the same title. The most recent reviews of the curriculum are from the European Academies Scientific Advisory Board (EASAC) and the European Academy of Medical Association (FEAM). The request of the Emergency Responders is, according to each organization, one of the issues that should be addressed promptly, and therefore suggestions are made for a complete revision of the Schedule. EASAC and FEAM recommendations address vaccine value, distrust of vaccinees, vaccine availability, and new vaccine development.Increase inoculation to stop pets The Roadmap concludes that recent cornerstones in the EU indicate that serious problems with vaccination within the Union, most importantly, because bending is a serious, potentially fatal childhood disease that is prevented by effective vaccination. It is also egyйrtelmы that low mйrtйkы бtoltottsбg veszйlyeztetheti vйdettsйgйt children (or serdьlхk йs felnхttek) against mбs, szintйn vйdхoltбssal elkerьlhetх but veszйlyesebb kцzegйszsйgьgyi problйmбt jelentх betegsйgekkel as well (eg. Gyermekbйnulбs, torokgyнk, rubella, szamбrkцhцgйs, B tнpusъ Haemophilus influenzae, pneumococcal and meningococcal infections) .It can not be emphasized that, despite the availability of emergency vaccines, the level of vaccination among children is significantly higher than in the EU Member States. The reasons for this are unclear. There are complex and different factors in the background, which vary from one Member State to another, and which must be identified in each Member State in order to improve the vaccination rate. For this purpose, the Tailoring Immunization Programs (TIPS) developed by the WHO seem to be the most appropriate. According to the author of the master plan, more it would be time to create an EU vaccine book and register Also, the fact that young children are vaccinated in Europe and around the world, is mainly due to the fact that more and more people are choosing not to vaccinate themselves or their children. Decisions can be traced back to a variety of reasons.
  • Vaccine guides are "stubbornly rejecting the possibility of vaccinations," and often refer to vaccinations.
  • Anti-vaccineers also refuse vaccinations, but are willing to take into account the information available. Fewer people believe in conspiracy theories.
  • Vaccine skeptics are concerned about vaccinations, but they are not consistently rejected.
Elimination of each group requires another strategy. First and foremost, of course, the focus should be on anti-vaccine and vaccine skeptics, but it should also be considered that members of an extensive group of vaccinees can influence the thinking of the other two groups through the tools of reminder.According to the schedule the most important further goals are the perfection of already existing vaccines, and the development of vaccines against further infectious diseases.

Professional Suggestions for Improving Vaccination Marks

  • It is necessary to identify the reasons for the decline in the number of vaccines in the EU, so that tailor-made solutions can be proposed for each Member State. The WHO TIPS program can be useful for this.
  • A European vaccine book and register should be created.
  • It should be pointed out that from a health point of view, individual vaccines are not equally important. A priority order must be defined.
  • It is also important to continue to invest in research and development to ensure that future vaccines are safe and effective.
  • In order to address the problem of vaccine immunity, it is important to recognize that there is a difference in approach between vaccine protectors, vaccine skeptics, and vaccine skeptics. With the help of social science, strategies should be developed to reduce vaccine rejection among vaccinees and vaccine skeptics.
  • A monitoring system should be developed to prevent vaccine deficiency and vaccine production at European level should be strengthened, with strict European quality assurance in mind.
  • Questions about childhood BCG vaccination need to be reconsidered: vaccination does not provide long-term protection against tuberculosis, and it currently has severe deficiency worldwide.
  • Vaccination schedules should be reviewed and optimized for vaccinations that are deficient.
  • Priority should be given to those vaccinations that need to be perfected.
  • Priority should be given to those vaccinations that are most needed.
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