Fuck the baby's belly!

Fuck the baby's belly!

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The tiny seemingly no good reason, it is relentlessly drunk, or rather scared, up to the age. She puts on her feet, her whole body tightens. Almost everyone says that the baby has a stomach. What does the pediatrician say and what can they do to encourage parents?

Fuck the baby's belly!

There are few mysterious infantile complaints like this particular stomach or as the doctors call it: infantile chick. Typical case from the age of two weeks to three monthswhen the inconsolable sunburn occurs daily. We do not know the exact causes of the phenomenon, so it is not easy to find a cure. Cases are more than In 90 percent, no serious organ changes were found. Remnants of a small number may have a stomach disorder that is associated with colonic symptoms, so it is important that the infant is referred to a pediatric gastroenterologist.

Everybody's a baby

Infant mysterious stomach is a very common problem. Every fifth to tenth infant occurs, but in most cases, even the most careful medical examination does not find the cause, which is organic disorder, endocrine disorder, catarrh, reflux or allergy.

Characteristics of the infant chick

- inexplicable shit
- the baby is developing and growing well
- the swelling similarity occurs during the day, mostly in the evening, in the evening
- it lasts several hours per day
- the week comes on several days and has been going on for weeks
- a careful medical examination is not a mistake. They are investigating the cause, but the answer is sure. Obviously, it has a role to play in the fact that infants have a relatively large abdominal abdominal cavity and, in the continuum, they sometimes move "abnormally" or very vigorously. It is also worth considering that infants at this age ingest a quantity of breast milk equivalent to ten to thirty percent. It's like drinking a bucket of milk every adult day! Probably we would be upset with so much fluid in our stomachs.As the immune system matures and evolves, the abdomen grows, and the stomach slowly slows down. This usually occurs at about three months. It is good to know that if the mother smokes during pregnancy, she will double the chances that her child will become cold.

Abdominal or maternal deficiency?

After the birth, he went on for months the abdomen is the most sensitive organ of the infant. This is not surprising if we put the above facts side by side and also consider the air absorption of mossy babies. Rather, the miracle is that not all babies have stomachs! What is certain is that in the comfort of the little ones body contact, breastfeeding tends to prove to be very effective. Even if you have pain in your baby, it can help with a bit of stinging. One of the most important is motilin. Scandinavian researchers have found that babies suffering from infant rabbits have higher levels of motilin in their blood. That is, higher concentrations of motilin in rabbit infants move the intestines to a greater extent than normal, and this more intense exercise will have a stomach upset. This may be one of the reasons why rabbits are rarer in breastfed infants. One of the most important tasks is to reassure the parents. The puppy is not sick, and while many sorrows can make life sad, there are only transient problems. Excessive parental anxiety and sensibility can significantly influence how parents cope with what happens to their baby. It is not by chance that infant neonates are the most common in older, high school and first-time mothers of mothers.Masszбzs: A fun effect of massaging your baby's belly with an oily or hydrating cream combined with a little exercise.
Melegнtйs: the ironed diaper or cherry kernel bag is placed on the child's stomach. Warming relaxes the abdominal muscles and intestines.

Cure tips

- Your grandmother's used herbal medicine is the ironing diaper or cherry kernel bag that should be placed on the baby's stomach. Warming relaxes the abdominal muscles and intestines.- Occasionally, strolling, strolling can be successful- The sweet anise-herbal tea has reduced the ability to treat the stomach. Symmethicone active drugs reduce the formation of gasses, and are supposed to be effective if the stomach is caused by the glands. In pharmacies you can get Gripe water as a cure-all, and there is also a formula or syrup containing smooth muscle solution and soothing that can be prescribed by a pediatrician. Their use can be decided by a careful medical examination, and it is not right for a parent to buy drugs that are useful in the pharmacy and hearing.
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