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Heavenly mixed pasta with di and apricot

Heavenly mixed pasta with di and apricot

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The little one's favorite can be the peachy, dessert, which is easy to prepare.

Mixed pasta with di and apricot

three eggs,
15 deca butter,
15 deca brown sugar,
20 deca flour,
half pack of powder,
half a glass of yogurt,
a big peach compote,
a big brand diу,
two tablespoons of apricot jam
The leftover peach and yogurt for baby is light and healthy delicacy The eggs are sorted, the white hard foam. Afterwards, whisk together the sugar with the sugar, add the roasting powder, the melted butter, the flour, and then gently whisk the white into the mass with a wooden spoon. We cut out a baking sheet with a tall wall, an elongated baking sheet, and poured the dough. In a preheated oven, roast at 160 degrees.
After about 15 minutes, we cut it out and straighten it rough on the top, mixed with jam, then put the apricots cut into thin slices. After roasting an oven, let's see if the dough is really ready. Let it cool down in the form, then slice it up.

We can make a light dessert for babies from leftovers

The baby makes a simpler dessert: a remaining peaches mix the yogurt with the other half and baby biscuits. You can give me a ton of cards.
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