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Thanks to the rescue pole, he called the name

Thanks to the rescue pole, he called the name

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The mother was born in the ambulance, it was so grateful for the outgoing quick help that the name of her little son could be chosen by the ambulance.

Born in the ambulance, the child's name was given by the ambulanceIn Jasz-Nagykun-Szolnok County, they called an ambulance for a pregnant mother in the last days of her pregnancy. The Rescue Direction Bondor Nikolettet sent her to my maternity, the emergency room had been on duty for just nine months at the National Ambulance Service. In the meantime, however, amniotic fluid flowed and cobwebs became more common. The baby was finally born in the ambulance with the help of an ambulance and a driver - writes on the Ambulance Service Facebook page.(photo: National Rescue Service, Facebook) The little boy's mom was so grateful to the rescue team that he asked him to name the baby. Noel and her mother were both finally in hospital.
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