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Here are some of the most exciting news from the book market, and now we are offering two books a little bigger. Read us!

Darvasi Lбszlу: Pбlcika

There is only one Pllcika. She loves to be a big boy, she just wears her favorite bum boots, thick soles. Because it still looks better. Sticks has a lot to tell about Crane Dines, Gyuszi the Bunny, the Bacon Rabloku and everyone you hang out with. If you like funny words and jokes, modern tales and snapping jokes, buy it and read it. So did the kid!
$ 2,490

Lyudmila Ulickaja: Stories about Children and Adults

As you embark on Ulick's tales, you return to your childhood, and read the familiar mood lines to Ferenc Mуra's Treasure Hunt. But the fate of the poor, much-missed kids always turns a blind eye in these stories, because that's where the miracles of the week come. These stories are worth reading for ovis. He knows that not everyone lives in a warm home, not every child can play from morning to night, and that even a dewy wax duck can be a wonderful treasure.
$ 2,490


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