The first Christmas with the baby? - 3 helpful tips

The first Christmas with the baby? - 3 helpful tips

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The smallest ones still feel from the holidays that something is not the usual way. This is not a problem as long as chaos in the family is not considered everyday.

Baby's first Christmas

The most important thing for your baby is that when he is hungry, he gets his usual food and time, almost the way you are used to. That includes a lot of body proximity! Most babies are fed up with this. Of course, if you are accustomed to having a busy agenda, sleeping in a quiet room, do not be surprised that you are completely confused by the changes now.
Create an Advent Calendar for yourself: Write up at most one holiday activity and something to relax each day. For example, go for a walk in the cold, rock the baby in the rocking chair, wrap in a warm blanket and listen to music, or dive in a warm bath with lemon oil. Notice what you enjoy the most and try to reassure yourself.
If you go to fraternity, you go home when you want. If you take orders, you will understand that the baby is first. Feel free to leave if it's raining, but when you're wearing a carrying case, the little one enjoys the bustle. Not all babies love to be handled by unknown people, and they can be comforted by someone approaching them loudly. Take care of the little one and let it hide your face. Your curiosity will overcome your fear if you do not force close.
You know your baby best, and you know exactly where your boundaries are. Prуbбld respect! If he is calm, you can relax a little too!
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