The new lego designed for high schoolers has arrived

The new lego designed for high schoolers has arrived

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The LEGO brand believes it is important for children of all ages to enjoy playing with cubes, so it has developed an ideal toy collection for ages 4-7 under the name LEGO Juniors.

Children's play habits are constantly evolving with their age, so it is important that the tools needed to do so develop with them. The ages of 4-7 are very attractive to older adults, but in many cases these toys are still too complex for them. Moms just find it difficult to find age-appropriate creativity games that are tailored to the child's current abilities. As our children 's hands grow larger, so do the LEGO cubes that they play with, as their craftsmanship evolves over time. The sets for the smaller ones, while the ones for the older ones, were a great challenge for the children, so fewer survivors of the real LEGO traditional games and those with a bit bigger elements can make a difference. The new development is an excellent transition between LEGO DUPLO and the world of LEGO building cubes, and it has the advantage of being able to create every little piece of art that you can create.


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