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Most parents who have a baby or toddler may not expect a good night's rest. Do you pick up a little, do you have to breastfeed or not cruelty when left to sleep for a while?

In these inquiries, opinions are divided, and this topic has often been the subject of controversy among the parents concerned. This particular interest was revealed in the series of chats when dr. Gva Gva, chief medical officer, head of sleep at the Madras Street Children's Hospital Sleep Lab, responded to inquiries from inquirers.

If the flicker watches

The mother of a four-month-old baby girl said that the baby's observer at night had repeatedly indicated, and they noticed, that her baby's breathing had indeed come to a halt, but the home doctor did not see ". The sleep specialist also had the other opinion: if the flamethrower monitor signals, the little one needs a detailed examination to decide whether or not to have a binary malfunction. Another inquirer inquires about the lung until the age of seven months, as its eight-month-old baby regularly slips off the surface. Professionals generally recommend the use of the finished baby for up to one year, but such an agile and healthy baby seems to be redundant after eight months.

It is difficult to fall asleep

It's hard to put the little one to sleep - more people complained. It seems that only the "countermeasures" of the parents can be more varied than the "delaying" habits of baby sleeping. One baby can only sleep in a stroller in the sun, only tea in the evening, the other rocking only in the living room, or breastfeeding, breastfeeding or breastfeeding, and some who fall asleep can only fall asleep if their father or mother sleeps. (Experienced parents know that these are very cute, babyish habits, if they last, how horribly they are, and for months and years they can make their parents physically, physically, deeply, deep. he says one should not settle for this: the baby must learn to fall asleep alone. Infants do not need to be anesthetized any more: if they are healthy, seduced, well-rested, they will fall asleep by themselves. If, on the other hand, you are accustomed to having sleep before a ceremony, it does not go by itself, and the sooner you try to get you to sleep, the harder it is, but it is necessary. Light the little light in your room, lay it down in your baby's crib, pound it in, if you can, talk to it, reassure it with some kind words or caress, but you don't have to pick it up, feed it or water it. You have to get used to sleeping now, not picking up, but you also need to know that your mom is right there. This check-in may take up to some time at first, but then that time is rapidly diminishing. There is no baby bottle in bed, just a favorite toy for bedtime, a scarf or a pacifier.

Do you suck at night?

The cause of night-time awakenings in the first few months is simply that the baby is hungry: there is little nutrition or supplementation in breast milk. Opinions about breastfeeding at night depend on the weight and weight of the baby. Usually you do not have to breastfeed at night after 4-6 months. In the case of older infants (among those who are eight and even breastfeeding babies thirteen months old), quitting may not be easy, at first it may seem more comfortable to let the baby go. If your mother decides not to breastfeed at night, you do not need to give her anything - just a little liquid (tea, water, lemonade) - just to comfort her. The Bird's Hospital Sleep Ambulance also expects a 16-month-old baby who does not wake up almost every night in bed, but wakes up only after breastfeeding - rather than "cunting". At such an old age, breastfeeding and breastfeeding are not recommended at night, but you should stop using it at night to sleep on your breast. Many mothers feel this is a cruel thing, they do not understand why it is wrong for their baby to fall asleep while sucking or cumming. Not only is it easy to swallow or breathe in the stomach, but also because when you wake up at night, you can always fall asleep just as you would when you fall asleep (baby).
In the newborn, the newborn is still lenient, timid, and does not disturb the presence of the newborn, so it also introduces things to the baby that are beginning to become pregnant a few months later, G said. These include sleeping in the parents' bed or sleeping at night for several months. At two-three months old, it is still natural for a baby to breastfeed at night, but at normal diets this time, it should be strongly suppressed. If this is not the case, the parents will start to freak out and lose their patience. Therefore, it is advisable to be radical in giving the baby a definite measure of the ability to either sleep and then lay down or suckle at 2-4 months of age. So you do not learn by mistake that sleep and sleep are closely linked, just as an adult does not fall asleep when he is stuffed with cabbage - he illustrated. This way your baby will be able to sleep without food or drink.
Unfortunately, the more we miss out on abandoning breastfeeding at night, and the initially natural, but in the future, unnatural, bad habits, the more difficult it will be. With a couple of days of patience and perseverance at 4-5 months of age, it can take weeks at 1-2 years.

Night wakes

The situation is also with a small child who is visibly ill, awakened by internal tension. For example, a two and a half year old baby boy whose parents are divorced, wakes up two or three times a year and falls asleep with his baby only. In this case, too, the Sleep Lab was proposed by Doctor Gal. The mother of a two-and-a-half-year-old baby girl reportedly waking up two nights a week, and it was hard for her mother to fall asleep again. In their case, this seems to be a temporary phenomenon: it may have been something negative and dreading, but it will soon disappear - the sleep disturbing expert reassured him. However, a sleep test is also justified, for example, in the case of a baby who is 9 years old and unable to fall asleep, and occasionally turns 2-3 hours, when he / she is visibly exhausted, sleepy and in need of sleep.


Parents make the sleep problem much bigger than the baby itself, experts shared. It is not as if a baby is not sleeping well, and it can be a drawback for anyone to develop, or he / she becomes ill because he / she is able to fall asleep and sleep in all positions when tired. It's just that you aren't the same. Just as adults have eyes that "pop out" after 6 hours of sleep, and others can sleep 10-12 hours a day, so is the case with children, and it is very difficult to sleep. Of course, it is good for a parent to leave his / her sleep, rest, and housework during the day, when his / her "night shift" is improving. And this doesn't work unless the baby is asleep. We say tremendously little about the importance of the baby's waking period, when she is witty, watchful, observant, playful, essentially very intensively studying, developing, becoming intelligent and in touch with her environment and parents.


At the same time, the question arises that if he is able to fall asleep by himself, it is a well-known phenomenon that the baby shows signs of overtraining without hesitation; hey, clumsy, and he can't sleep. Experience pediatrician does not help to emphasize the importance of regularity, which, by the way, also ensures trouble-free sleep. A regularly raised baby learns to sleep at a given time and falls asleep soon. Of course, regularity never means stiffness, and even with the most careful parents and the most carefully organized agenda, you can be uncharacteristically different from the usual. Rattlesnake and fatigue can only occur if something goes wrong with the normal system, the child is excluded and the normal sleepwalking is missed.


The Children's Street Children's Hospital in Madras Street is expecting children and parents who have such problems. It helps to prepare for counseling and examination with a few daily notes, a sleep and a diary. You need to sign in by phone, no credit required.
Unfortunately, there is no sleep center or sleep laboratory in the environment, but an experienced pediatrician can detect the root cause of sleep problems, which requires a thorough examination of the parent and a relaxed talk.


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