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It doesn't matter if you are a baby or a brat 6 expert opinion

It doesn't matter if you are a baby or a brat 6 expert opinion

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It's all about keeping your baby healthy! A variety of different birth and care professionals and helpers consider what else influences the way a baby comes into the world.

Does it matter whether you are a babe or a waitress?

Opinion of the dula

Holbokné Boksay Rita
Many times, a good baby, a handshake, a forehead change is enough to change the breeding position in a favorable direction. So many people decide so bad conditions have the effect of not giving birth anymore! And yet, supported and free from interference, women are strong. They will be so strong that there is nothing else impossible for them. They are capable of everything, especially for the little life that fluttering on their chest. I often feel that the abdominal medical pills and forearms are losing this strength. Of course, I put this on the hands of medical practitioners who regularly help each other, not in emergencies. At this point, my little baby would say, how good it was because I wouldn't have been able to do it alone. I guess that's a bit with more patience, change of position It would have been possible for moms born during epidural anesthesia during the whole period of labor and sometimes you do not see the euphoria when the baby arrives as they went with the waves of pain and happiness. Many times I experience the first birth interrupting, one way or another, with interventions or not, and then moms start to think about how to do something else. Because not once again! And that's it. Only they can take their fate into their hands. Then the children come to life, the and the younger parents of children can also influence the way you give birth. Teach our children not to spend, but to live what is probably the most important moment of their lives. Not to tell them you'll be gone, but to hurt, but it was the most beautiful moment of my life when they put me on my stomach!

The psychiatrist's opinion

Dr. Frigyes Jъlia
The so-called postpartum depression composite image is very often colored with confusion, unprocessed birth condition. More often than not kцnnyы rбmutatni to lйlektani йrtelemben what is "jу" szьlйs, a sokrйtegы, beavatбsйlmйnyt nyъjtу, gyуgyнtу process йs minйl tцbb rйtegйtхl fosztjбk the szьlйszeti beavatkozбsok the nх annбl vйdtelenebb йs sйrьltebb will anyбvб vбlбsбnak ъtjбn.A "jу" processes of birth they start from inside. If consciousness or external influences are controlled and controlled, the sensation in the woman is that the inside and the self are unacceptable, when you are done, you are prevented from manifesting and regaining your fears, your very fish, your unresolved doubts, your sense of guilt. In this way, it develops a kind of internal security that would allow the child to develop a relationship with the child without the need for continuous external reinforcement.

The pediatrician's opinion

Dr. Бdбm Borbбla
The good results of home births and births are often explained by the application of medical technology and interventions. Fortunately, births that are endangered in the blood are relatively rare, but birth defects, rupture, oxytocin infusions, given health, biological factors (such as existing illnesses, smoking), socio-cultural background (such as poverty) and psychology are much more prominent. But in the birthplace not to be lost! Everybody is healthy, having a good time. It's not easy to measure, what impact interventions have on newborns, because there is a danger that is causing the intervention. If pregnancy is initiated in an uncertain pregnancy, it may be possible to induce a premature birth by shelling and oxytocin infusion. Fracturing of the envelope can cause scratching of the fetus on the scalp. Fetal birth increases the risk of intrauterine infection and fetal oxygen deficiency. Oxytocin infections can lead to diarrhea. During childbirth, continuous CTG can induce anxiety and anxiety in the mother, which can lead to milk weakness and parental stopping. Parenting pain is generally considered harmless to the fetus.It is true that a newborn is born after birth and does not need to be assisted in breathing. Fewer have seen that changes in New Year's behavior, on the living table: lean or very light, baby may be difficult to feed. Fetuses assisted by external printing are often crippled, and bruises are not uncommon! No wonder these newborns cry a lot in their pain. After difficult births, mothers are often exhausted. Because of their fatigue or the influence of others, they often send their baby to the newborn class. elkьlцnнtйs tovбbbi lead to complications: szoptatбsi nehйzsйg the anyбnбl йs the csecsemхnйl, ъjszьlцtt former sбrgasбg, kуrhбzi baktйriumok fertхzйs.A caused szьlйszeten mйrlegelik these beavatkozбsoknak the kockбzatбt bizonyбra, йs alkalmazzбk only if the vбrhatу elхnyцk meghaladjбk the hбtrбnyokat.

Opinion of the Parsley

Dr. Boros Judit
I would like to believe that your maternal health does not physically influence women's health, but unfortunately this is not true. For example, if your mother is small, your baby will be very, inevitably, injured as she passes the baby's canal. Stained tapes can open, lower the cavity, and become damaged. The vaginal wall may collapse, lowering the bladder and causing the stomach to fall. All of this cannot happen to someone who gives birth to a cup, which causes other kinds of harm. This the next childbirth also influences. You might think that you have fewer sex-related problems after having a cup because you have left the area where it is unaffected, but my experience is that orgasm disorders are more common in women with a cup. I think there are elevated spiritual reasons. Lots of women are watching the movie because of that did not live up to expectations, and inadequate sensation also triggers a relationship with your child and partner. Naturally, however, you have to deal with the problem of a vagina that has become more distant. Even after explaining her work and meeting her needs, most women survive violently. Of course, everyone knows that a baby is healthy, but self-confidence, Appreciation can be sad.For the treatment of mental problems due to the method of birth many times they need yews. As time goes on, other things come to the fore. I try to provide time for these clear conversations because I am convinced of the long-term effects of births.

Breastfeeding Advice

Martinovichné Debulay Bianca
Experience shows that the birthright influences the initial period of breast-feeding. Ideally, childbirth is free of all interventions, as this is the order of nature and breastfeeding is the most natural continuation of this. With active participation in parenting, the uber state helps you get started. A significant proportion of newborns have strong breastfeeding reflexes in their first life, and it is worth taking advantage of this period and giving it to them. The length of time a baby is breastfeeding depends largely on the breastfeeding conditions of the first few days. Unfortunately, this is not, or only very rarely, raised in the parenting classes, although it may worsen the nursing of the newborn. It is also practically treated that milk production begins shortly after cesarean section. However, this is a myth. Hormonal changes in the body are required to begin milk selection, which begins after the birth of the litter. This implies that it is not the method of delivery but the more like a hospital practice is what sets the dairy start up. If the mother is awake and comfortable, then the newborn can be breastfeeded immediately after cesarean section. One of the great things about breastfeeding is that you can always improve your situation. Any breastfeeding advice that may seem tiny, it is worth asking for help from the mother and the newborn. happy to be together as soon as possible meaning breastfeeding.

The opinion of the men

Krisztina Gitidisz
The method of birth has a profound effect on the child, the mother and the whole family. In my work, I think it is very important to provide proper information from the beginning of pregnancy on the options available to the mother and the father. After all, everyone has to find the most "family-friendly" way to have a baby. This can't be, so just another disappointment for a baby! The parenting plan is more about rethinking what can happen during birthand how we relate to them. It is very important that the baby is conceived of this and that others do not tell her what to do in case of a cesarean section so that a successful breastfeeding condition can strengthen the mother's confidence. Very good when the father is in your birth. Before listening to their feelings about birth, I will tell you why it is important for those who are present to do this experience really.


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