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Are you hearing poorly or are you careless?

Are you hearing poorly or are you careless?

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It may be that the little one is not good at hearing. When should I consult a doctor?

After Natha, the voters may have crossed over into the drumstick, where the air should be in good health. The air oscillates through the auditory bone and is sensed by the nervous system.
If liquid is filled with air instead of air, it will greatly dampen the hearing. This condition does not always cause pain, but bacteria can easily multiply in the fluids, causing inflammation in the middle - this is a painful, feverish illness.
Central inflammation may have died out, but the voters have not completely cleared the old, and the persistent stagnation of the ears is accompanied by bad hearing and recurrent inflammation.
An ear-to-nose specialist can find out if you have pain without a pain test. Even if you do not bite your ear, "just" is not good hearsay. Fortunately, this problem is easily solved!

Are you hearing poorly or just not listening?


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