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What Baby Doesn't Have on Beauty and Pregnancy - What's Free and What's Not?

What Baby Doesn't Have on Beauty and Pregnancy - What's Free and What's Not?

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The gossip known on the gossip level discourages most little ones from using the words of beauty care during pregnancy.

Nine months of expectancy is the period in which women live, in which most women see the fulfillment of womanhood. Accordingly, the tendency for beauty, or shyness, often grows in little children. This is motivated by the appearance of changes in the blessed state and the disadvantages of being over-represented by women. There is a legitimate need for excitement for beauty care, for increased attention. From a scientific point of view, these attitudes can be considered almost unjustified. Especially, hair care and beauty are values ​​that can create unwarranted fears for women who want to be pregnant.


The condition of the hair changes significantly during pregnancy in almost all women. The body's hormonal effect is consequently increased by the sebaceous glands, skin and hair are considered to be leaner. In these cases, more frequent washing of hair is necessary, which is why you should choose the right, shiny shampoo. In good condition, hair is often considered to be difficult to handle, colorless, shabby. Increased vitamin intake and the use of appropriate quality hair care products can easily reduce this problem. Experience observing that painting results differently than normal, longevity, tone and hue of the achieved color do not always produce the expected result. Tehбt not elsхsorban the fetus vйdelme йrdekйben as inkбbb due to elйrhetх esztйtikai eredmйny kйtsйgessйge йs tartуssбga can propose a hajfestйs mellхzйsйt.A hair under terhessйg dauerolбsбnak elbнrбlбsa hasonlу megнtйlйs alб is: a serious hormonбlis vбltozбsok kцvetkeztйben kialakulу biokйmiai structural vбltozбsok megnehezнtik a successful perm hair tartуs -kezelйsйt.


As far as the need for skin care during pregnancy is concerned, opinions are unanimous. Increased sebum production in the skin, increased maturation of blackheads, and frequent hair growth make the skin necessary for skin care. Internally enough vitamin intake, fluid intake, and even the usual skin care tools and materials can influence the disadvantageous changes.

If you are lucky, you can prevent the development of pregnancy

However, care should be taken when using a proper dose of vitamin A-containing creams and supplements: their increased use in the first trimester of pregnancy may carry the risk of fetal harm. Fkhkin a retinolsav-should be applied to products of origin!

Pregnancy hernia

A pregnancy-specific skin change a striakйpzхdйs. Stretch marks are predominantly reddened skin on the abdominal wall, which are solid. The skin tension, the capillary veins, and the bouncing can be responsible. The striбk go keresztьl typical szнnvбltozбson the terhessйget kцvetхen: the бllapot sorбn halvбnyul the йlйnkpiros szнn idхvel and hegesedйs utбn gyцngyhбzszнnыvй vбlik.A striбk lйtrejцtte tehбt elsхsorban magyarбzhatу feszьlйsйvel the abdominal wall, нgy kialakulбsukat segнti all terhessйgi бllapot, which kцvetkeztйben the better mйh elхdomborнtja abdominal wall. This leads to a greater chance of blood vessels becoming frayed or cracked. This is the case, for example, with twin pregnancies, high fetal weight, and more amniotic fluid. Preventing skin is usually in good condition, preferably as early as regular nursing care before pregnancy, conditioning, continuous fluid overload can be important.However, it is emphasized that in some cases, even the most careful attention will not lead to the prevention of stroke. In this case, the structural, the Harmful Fall Factors its role is difficult to dispute. The invisible overflow of already developed striats cannot be completely solved by conservative management. For a more severe stroke training, aesthetic surgical solutions may be considered.


Makeup on the face for the most part over these beautiful nine months is not a particular problem. In some cases increased risk of allergy: formerly well-tolerated paints, powders, primers can cause allergic effects on the skin. Except for these rare cases, facial make-up can be solved without problems, but it is recommended to use high quality, possibly hypoallergenic (with a very low chance of causing allergies). Caring for pregnant women requires special attention during pregnancy. In need of some vitamins, minerals, trace elements, the level of demand is significantly increased, their absorption, metabolism changes in a significant way. In these changes, manicuring is not, or is not, capable of helping. In such cases, the task is to satisfy the increased demands and to ensure the adequate intake of vitamins. Normal care and dyeing of pregnant women is by no means contraindicated during pregnancy.


Opinions are divided on the use of solarium during pregnancy. It is an undeniable fact that the direct effect of solariums can lead to unwanted warming in the abdominal cavity. The fortUV sugбrzбs the effects of the injury have not been proven, however, the possibility of a fatal outcome during pregnancy may pose an increased risk to both the fetus and the mother. Based on all of this, it is considered advisable to avoid the use of sunbathing on the test page or to use only facial tanning. In general, szaunбzбs not recommended: direct, strong heat causes undesirable lowering of the lower abdomen, which can lead to premature functioning of the amniotic fluid, and, consequently, to the heating of the fetus. Sauna is also not recommended during breastfeeding: sudden loss of fluid during this period may negatively affect milk selection.These can also be useful:
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