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Let's get a bib!

Let's get a bib!

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Regularly guided baby diarrhea can be of great help to your baby because comparing their data can help in mapping a disease or allergic symptoms.

Let's get a bib!

We can also compare sibling development. We can allay our concerns, if you find out in our records that you are getting some growth, you sometimes have a pet and you have a nasal discharge. Uncertain from the comments of our acquaintances and a little exhausting at night, we often see the currency darker.

What should we record?

For the first three months, we report weekly baby weight, frequency of fetuses, and approximately the number of daily pee diapers and sleep patterns. If you are worried about something, you can record this information every day for a short trial period. It is enough to write down the baby's weight, habits and evolving agenda every two weeks or less.
Always note the introduction of the new food, the appearance of a new movement. As the end of the first year progresses, our bin diary will contain less data and more and more results. After years of reading, we can resume it the joy of the first smile, the first uncertain steps, and the first giggling noises.
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