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It can also cause anemia if the cause of bloating is not known

It can also cause anemia if the cause of bloating is not known

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The main symptoms of poor digestion are bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, increased gassing, and early satiety.

Abdominal distention, bloating, constipation: may cause anemiaProlonged persistence of contaminated low syndrome or SIBO may lead to inadequate B12 vitamin deficiency, anemia, weight loss and osteoporosis.

Other good bacteria live in the thin and thick colon

In the small intestine, which starts after the stomach, the digestion and absorption of most of the nutrients is delayed. No increase in thickness after thin, only absorption, its main function is to absorb water, various ions and substances - explains dr. Krisztina Sбrdi belgian medicine, gastroenterologist, doctor of the Buda Allergy Center. Because of their different functions, the composition of the two sections is not the same as that of the other small type of bacterium, and it has much less bacteria than the colon. If the bladder is mixed for some reason, or if there is a bacterium in the small bowel, the affected person will experience unpleasant symptoms.

What can cause thick bacteria to enter the small intestine?

Thin and thick are on the border. ileocaecal billentyы which megakadбlyozza that vastagbйl baktйriumok бtjussanak the vйkonybйlbe, ezбltal mindkйt bйlszakasz megхrizheti sajбt bйlflуrбjбt.Kьlцnbцzх okokbуl, which may be the pйldбul billentyы elйgtelen mыkцdйse or each bйlszakaszok kцzцtt kialakulу fistulas, certain betegsйgek - diabйtesz, scleroderma - kцvetkeztйben, the due to dysfunction of peristaltic motility of the small, or, in the case of Crohn's disease, a small stenosis or diverticulum (tiny squamous lining) may also occur in the smallest possible size. This can occur after certain gastrointestinal surgeries, but it can also lead to a decrease in the amount of digestive juices, and may become more common with age.

Thick bacteria can also be harmful if placed in the wrong place

This condition is called contaminated bowel syndrome, but it is also known by bacterial overgrowth, mild dysbacteriosis, dysbiosis, blind pouch syndrome and SIBO. This is the short for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth in English and is widely used in Hungary. The names listed are a single disease, which is characterized by the fact that thick bacteria are transmitted and multiplied in the area of ​​the small, that is, contaminated by the small, thick bacteria. Krisztina Sárrdi explained that the bacteria in the small intestine still ferment the indigestible carbohydrates, and in the fermentation process they produce gasses - hydrogen and methane - which cause bloating, bloating. Partially with lactic acid and acetic acid formation, they can cause diarrhea by irritating the thick mucous membrane of the mucous membrane.

Symptoms and Examination of Contaminated Small Syndrome

The main symptoms of poor digestion are bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, increased gassing, and early satiety. Prolonged illness may lead to poor vitamin B12 deficiency, anemia, weight loss and osteoporosis due to poor absorption. If anyone is suspected of having a contaminated small syndrome based on their symptoms, lactulose with hydrogen hydration test it is possible to exclude or confirm the diagnosis.The method is based on the fact that hydrogen gas is produced in the body only by fermentation of the bacterially colored carbohydrates, and thus the actual process is completed. During the test, a test solution containing lactulose should be consumed and then breathed every 20 minutes into a diagnostic device that records the hydrogen content of the exhaled air. The duration of the test is 120-180 minutes on average. Comparison of the values ​​indicated by the evaluators and the complaints made during the examination can be made by the diagnosis.

Treatment steps

THE contaminated small syndrome its therapy is always a function of the chosen cause. An organ replacement, such as a diverticulum or fistula, requires surgery. Overgrowth of goiterous bacteria may require a reduction in antibiotic treatment and restoration of the gut flora may require a probiotic.Dr. According to Krisztina Sбrdi, the examination should not be postponed in case of complaints, because the disease causes a significant deterioration of the quality of life. "Because 80 percent of our immune system is contained in the intestine, it is very important to restore balance to the intestinal flora and thus prevent further complaints in the long run."
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