Problems After Sex- What Could It Cause?

Problems After Sex- What Could It Cause?

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Sexual intercourse can sometimes lead to unpleasant, painful symptoms that can even indicate a disease.

Problems After Sex- What Could It Cause?

Dr. Lхrincz Ildikuttl, the Center for Nursing in Ng-endocrine Disease can find out which are the most common complaints and what may be in the background.


Surprisingly, there are many who often experience fluid symptoms after being fed, that is, frequent urinary urgency, stomach, nausea, and stomach cramps. Then the problem with high currency is that the person is one previous bladder disease has not persistently accumulated, which causes the colony to settle.As sex is a powerful source of blood, it is an excellent opportunity for infection and inflammation to flare up. The problem is most often caused by bacteria, which can also enter the urethra through the possible microarray of the midbrain. In women, the problem is relatively common, because the vagina and the ureters are very close to each other, and so can quickly become infected with a vaginal infection. It is important for the patient to seek medical attention as soon as possible, as without proper treatment, the complaint may become mildly chronic. It is important to know that similar symptoms may occur. hьvelyszбrazsбg also, because if there is no lubricant, the microarray in the bladder will have the same complaints as the cataract itself. However, these injuries can increase the propensity to get bladder disease, experts say.

Abdominal cramps, pain

After sex, it is possible that women will experience pain, abdominal cramps. If the complaint is not frequent, you may have more intense coexistence, coughing up in the back of the body due to ovulation and oxytocin excess due to orgasm, but if you do, you should see your doctor frequently! If pain occurs during sex, it can be caused by endometriosis or myoma, but it can also cause inflammation and infection, so a gynecological examination is recommended!

Yeah, itchy sensation

If the complaint is resolved within a short period of time, small brick wall of sleeve wall causes unpleasant symptoms However, it is a recurrent, itchy sensation that is usually caused by inflammation caused by an infection, especially if it is altered by a flush. Lubrication is used to determine the microorganism causing the problem and to start targeted treatment, one of the important moments of which is the restoration of the vaginal ph. In addition to these, it is rare, but some kind of allergy to the condom material can occur, which causes similar symptoms, says dr. Ildikó Lхrincz, a nocturnal endocrinologist at the Center for Bloodsmiths.

Blood spotting

The cause of post-natal bleeding is usually vaginal swelling, which may cause small hair follicles in the vagina to flare during the act, especially if there is some form of inflammation. In the background of the lineage, it can be located outside the psychic factors, for example. too much prolactin (especially during breastfeeding), infections, pajzsmirigyproblйmбk, and too little estrogen hormone. This occurs mainly in the postmenopausal period, when hormone depletion is first recommended, especially when other unpleasant symptoms (such as hot flashes, irritability, sweating) are associated with it. In addition, spotting bleeding can cause a number of problems, eg. endometriosis, infectious, polyp.
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