Last Pain, First Sip - The Ultimate Course and First Breastfeeding

Last Pain, First Sip - The Ultimate Course and First Breastfeeding

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Can Breastfeeding Accelerate Birth? Not sorry. The newborn's first breastfeeding attempts help to make the last final stage of the birth smooth. The first drops of breast milk are not to be neglected.

Last Pain, First Sip - The Ultimate Course and First Breastfeeding

Bleeding first breastfeeding

Immediately after the birth of a healthy newborn, He's awake, and he starts looking earnestly her mother remembers. If you are right in the arms of your mother, close to the source of milk, you will suck, the stimulation of which is equally important for breastfeeding and birth control. His or her reflex is also the second strongest birthright in the world. If you can, you are actually inviting yourself to your nipple.Birthing with the baby's comic does not end there. In the last act, the baby is still 15-45 minutes after birth the shelter must go out. The uterus continues to produce smaller concentra- tions for the removal of the cleft from the stomach and then its extension. You have a much smaller body weight and adaptable body shape than a child, so the contractions and headaches are much smaller. in. Early breastfeeding delivers more oxytocin to the blood, stimulating congestion. The slipping of the cord 5-10 cm further indicates that the placenta is still lost. Normally, a small, connected part of the epithelium and of the cushion loses a single larger pressure gruesome bleeds: a mother can lose up to half a liter of blood, and that's normal. After the uterus is essentially empty, the softening is complete, effectively reducing the size of the baby to accommodate the baby. That is why early breastfeeding is finally over blood-thinning effect.

Instead of sewing

Well, we know that he never comes back, are precious minutes when a new member of the family first breathes, first begins to circulate, and then searches for food in the New World. Seven years ago, one of the first things to do when it came to parenting was to wipe out the little bounty of the battlefield. Today, as many babies as possible, simply in soft kendel wrapsso that your valuable baby's fetus can penetrate your skin relentlessly, and enjoy the coziness of your parents as quickly as possible. Skin contact and breastfeeding are mother-child-kцtхdйs, an important moment in the development of a love affair. However, there is no end to the story line.

Cerebral palsy, cleavage

After the baby is born, most of the time, the muscles of the lungs are slightly relaxed, the limbs are relaxed, and the bleeding does not disappear again, because the blood vessels that have formed are washed out by the blood vessels. The coagulated vйr vйdelmйben elkezdхdik the szцveti regenerбlуdбs the mйhnyбlkahбrtyбn generated szцvethiбny hasonlуan sebgyуgyulбshoz starts eltыnni.Rйgen experienced szьlйsznхk not tъl cold, wet, hыsнtх kendхt, placed tцrцlkцzхt freshly szьlt nх hasбra, thereby stimulating the abdominal wall йs mйhizomzat цsszehъzуdбsбt. Relaxation of the abdomen, relaxation of the abdomen can help, though opinions differ. Probably those who have weaker elastic joints, which are weaker in constitution, have little help in restoring a tight stomach. Many are surprised to find that after birth they have a slightly smaller stomach than when they were living. Immediately after birth, the womb still weighs almost a kilo, but immediately begins to shrink.

Significance of a drop of milk

The mammary gland is about 16 weeks pregnant elхtejhez (colostrum) selects a similar fluid. The presence of two hormones in the formation of breast milk is definitely determinative. Prolactin stimulates the function of the mammary glands, making it a dairy producer. The other hormone, oxytocin, pulls together the muscle cells in the mammary gland outlet ducts and pushes the milk produced to the nipple to stimulate it. After childbirth, this can begin to reduce milk intake, but can only go into the baby's mouth. The mechanical stimulation of lactation acts immediately, it is released into the blood by oxytocin, and is suppressed by the smoothing of the smooth muscles of the milk canal. Powerful touch of the baby's mouth increases prolactin production and the concentration of oxytocin, which is required for the maintenance of milk whitening.The front part of the fluid is a special liquid; it contains growth factors, antioxidants and many other essential substances. During the first suckling of a newborn baby, only about 5-6 ml of colostrum can be excreted from the breast into the stomach cells of so many males. The first day you can use up to 100 ml of breast milk. The role of seemingly small quantities of milk is not to be underestimated: thanks to its composition, the baby is part of the maternal immune system. The front of the milk is inside covers the baby bélfalбt, protects against morbidity. Bilirubin from postpartum fetal blood cells may cause lupus erythematosus. Bilirubin eventually goes into the intestine and can survive in infertility. Frequent bullying prevents them from returning to blood. The first suckling stimulates the movement of the mind help prevent yellowing. Early and frequent emptying of the breast - ideally breastfeeding - may reduce or prevent the onset of painful lactation.

Everything gets settled

The newborn gradually begins to fall asleep, after the initial wakefulness. She is able to sleep up to 20 urns, and it will become more and more widespread, her next breastfeeding time, she will demand breast milk. So much so You can suck up to 5-10 times during 2-3 hours, and then some уrбra ъjbуl sleep sleeping. Breastfeeding babies on the first day can drink much more on the following day. Breast milk is a great digestible diet quickly, just underneath your head, so your baby sometimes needs to eat 1-2 ounces again. The rhythm of breastfeeding slowly develops. In the morning, more but lesser weeks - first milk - expect a little, and as the day passes, the amount of milk decreases, and the proportion of so-called skimmed milk increases in the breast. As a result, the amount of milk sucked in the evening is less, but it is much more lactated, more nutritious, and better at night. Assuming that the baby can only get the other, it will flow better from the breast if the first milk has cleared even thicker, lactose-poorer milk. Otherwise, excessive lactation can cause abdominal distension and dormancy. Continuous and frequent breastfeeding will continue to stimulate milk production until weaning.Related articles in parenting:
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