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Back to my bed - a father's confession

Back to my bed - a father's confession

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We look at the correlations between breastfeeding and night-time transition based on a dad's critique. How about the idyllic state of the first few months with the nightly awakening and suckling of a baby boy?

Our second child will be 21 months old soon. It develops nicely, if for the time being your speech is not even strong. Felesйgem, igyekezvйn kцvetni tanбcsaikat, mйg the ismerхsцk kцnyvtбrбbуl also szбmыzte jуl to sleep, my child cнmы kцnyvet, йs drбkуi rigor was kцtelezх olvasmбny the Йjszakai gondoskodбs cнmet viselх mбsik korszakalkotу remekmы.Amennyiben jуl szыrtem down this kцnyvnek the mondanivalуjбt (because, needless to say , I also had to account in detail for my experience after reading the book), the essence of which is, of course, that a child should be breast-fed as much as possible, and the best possible method is to have the best possible time. If the chick (in this case, Jin) is working in the sun, there is no particular problem. What's more, I'm going through idyllic circumstances for the first three to six months, because an enthusiastic (or less enthusiastic) dad doesn't have to start making "chick-babies" before and after, I'm sure the kid is going to be tired now, because he just can't sleep an entire night! So the first six months were just fine. I didn't have to spend much time with my son at night, so I could wish my baby a good night after long tales.

Baby in the parents' bed

However, towards the end of the period, I began to feel that something was missing from my life

Yeah, I forgot to mention that on-demand breastfeeding was practically in the fraternity bed, because it would make sense for a mother to move into another room before she and her baby reach the age of fifteen. Now, a normal French man, with an enthusiastic suckling child and a mother who served the child, was found to be moderately comfortable with a sleeping dad, which in short was called "the dormitory room". I thought I'd just pull out this temporary status somehow. Not much to worry about if the child's second birthday is near. For the time being, a sleeping mother and a sibling are inconceivable, which makes the former cinematic aficionado. But our son is up to ten times a night - but not much less - able to build strength from the mother's tits over and over to long lasting night, and she is quite ill, wears it. Yeah, and my little son is actively pushing for sleep in Delhi. As my wife started to work, and in the daytime my wife's parents watched over the giraffe, in the south I had to try somehow to anesthetize, which until now had been the only solution to anesthetized in the stroller. So I sleep at most one night, even with two or three ounces of breastfeeding. he came down and struggled. As if with a little more lamentation and struggle than Aludj's good, my child is angry (because I can tell you that I secretly went through the methods of recovering this from my wife).Come on, give me something! What will persuade my son not to put his head on her mother's head after the Heretic Banquet? Is it worth waiting for, or any trauma to the mother and baby, is slowly taking up the fight? One more trivia: the child knows the baby only by sight. For from the very beginning it has been beside the matrimonial bed and is slowly being filled with various toys and clothes which are not in use. I guess it's not really worth taking care of the baby anymore, and I can slowly bring it back to the basement, right?
Vбlaszol: W. Ungvбry Renбta breastfeeding specialist IBCLCThank you for taking the time to write a detailed and truly heart-warming letter that most of our readers will feel like they could have written. It is clear from her lines that a very conscientious and inquisitive father who reads the "literature" and, even if he is not overly enthusiastic, understands and understands how important this form of breastfeeding is to the child. I'm not saying that I know the truth of sleep when I sleep, but I can put a few things with absolute certainty, and that might be reassuring. First of all: your baby will definitely not cry for booze during the matrimonial banquet, at least not for his mother. easy, when you don't need it anymore. In fact, he learns to fall asleep on his own, even in the evening and in the sun, if he is reasonably chilly, or if he sees other children in his wilderness or kindergarten. This is true for all healthy children. The other thing I can say is that your little son and his wife's behavior is completely normal, not frivolous, not worrying, not flawed, but just learning about a good mother-child relationship, though it seems, and if you really need so many occasions, it is worth thinking about what makes your little son so upset. It would not be surprising if a mother's job and the changes she made were anxious and simply tried to neglect the sunshine and reconciliation. The common cause of night-time awakening may be cattle allergy, and I have also encountered cases where parents have responded to parents' quarrels and quarrels. . The best solution is if we can wait for the time for their little boy to mature to these changes, and to give up sleeping and breastfeeding by itself (the two things do not necessarily happen at the same time). Of course, I can't tell you when this will happen. In toddler life (which lasts about three to about a year), you need parental care; The book's book admits that coexistence is not a decently good solutiontherefore lists several other methods. We are well aware that there are many families where this situation is exacerbating, so it is reasonable to take steps to make it a peaceful night. Examples include:

Fewer night awakenings

If the mother does not breastfeed overnight, it is possible for the child to try out new rules for most children from the age of one to another. For example: in the dark, there is no suckling at night. When the child wakes up and wants to suckle, he briefly reminds him, then caresses him and asks them to sleep more. It is important to ensure that the baby is born this way, so it is important that you continue to sleep with your parents, comfort them, so that you do not lose all of your safety. This method is good for many parents, but it has an important prerequisite: determination, devotion.If the superficial one has a mental anguish, then the situation is simply not ready for change. The other possibility is that when she first wakes up, she will still be suckling, but afterwards her boss will tell her: She's been breastfeeding now, we're sleeping. Then he turns back and sleeps. Here, too, the message is a definite, interchangeable and short message, and that the child does not feel punished, deprived of love, but only that: the mother does not want to breastfeed more at night.

Well, that's it

It is best to wait for the child to ask for it himself, perhaps the day is far from over. Migration works smoothly when a child is not punished and does not occur when he or she is in need of some reason. Let's try to make the new sleeping area attractive. However, do not expect a small child, who is basically close to the body, to be cuddly when placed in a separate room. It usually comes at a teenage age. But you might want to move to your sibling if you count him as a grandfather. This is a big attraction, because after a while everything small wants to be compared to the big ones. Gradual distancing may also occur. For example, beside the bed of the parents, a mattress on the ground where you can climb the house if you want.

Daddy helper

You can try this too. After the baby suckles, he sleeps with his father in the back of the night. However, waking up at night does not necessarily depend on breastfeeding. Infants who are given formula or are already breastfeeding may wake up at night. Later, if you are not breastfeeding, of course, the father may choose to lay down the evening. In addition, it is possible to introduce easy rituals: for example, reading an evening story from a picture book about sleeping. At night she won't breastfeed, she just sleeps and walks to her parents.You shouldn't try it all at the same time. Graduality requires the little boy to have time to process each step and accept the new situation. It is always good to wait, because many problems are solved by themselves, if the child is persistent and takes into account the child's level of mental and psychological development.

Evening programs

You do not have to give up on them! With a two-year-old, you can sometimes talk about going to bed with your grandmother or your well-known and beloved babysitter in the evening after breastfeeding, and even risking a one-day absence if you have any children. In my experience, this is well-worn and well-nourished by children, if they are to fulfill their emotional needs. After returning the mother, breastfeeding usually continues without interruption, as in the past.They may also be interested in:
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