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Postpartum Depression: Pure Chemistry? New Opportunity for Medication

Postpartum Depression: Pure Chemistry? New Opportunity for Medication

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Postpartum depression really knows something that has gone through it. Recent research promises a new opportunity for healing.

With the help of today's invented procedures, we almost get into the brain, we can map out brain activity and the substances involved in the processes. Researchers at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health examined the brain activity of women with positron emission tomography during the four days following childbirth and compared it with women who did not. I have discovered that in the brain of women immediately after childbirth, the MAO-A (monoamine oxidase) enzyme is 43 percent higher than the average!
MAO-A lowers the levels of brain substances that are responsible for a balanced mood. If the level of the MAO-A enzyme increases in the brain, our mood will be worse.

Postnatal depression in childbirth is unquestionable and often leads to tragic life situations

"The szьlйs utбni lehangoltsбg biolуgiбjбnak vizsgбlata very important because if it sъlyosbodik the бllapot, the clinical szintы depressziуvб fejlхdhet. The depressziу sъjtja the ъjdonsьlt йdesanyбk 13 szбzalйkбt, йs jбrhat the kйsхbbiekben szцrnyы kцvetkezmйnyekkel. Remйljьk to kutatбsaink eredmйnye hozzбjбrul a tбplбlйkkiegйszнtхk kifejlesztйsйhez that are capable of replenishing compounds reduced due to high MAO-A levels, thereby reducing the risk of postpartum depression "- Yeah dr. Jeffrey Meyer, the co-author of the study is

Nice parenting, family support

One of the most important problems in medical practice is that after the mid-1990s there is no or only limited use of nasal, MAO-blocked antidepressants. However, it is well-known that the brain processes are influenced not only by the active ingredients of the drugs, but also by the environment, the mental support, the accepted atmosphere. Birth conditions also have an impact on the post-partum mental processes. We have read many times about the positive physiological effect of oxytocin. A new discovery is that the mother's alarmed traumatic delivery, which can be confused with postnatal depression, causes post-traumatic stress. So, when health puts more emphasis on avoiding unnecessary interventions and informing parents, at least some mothers can help prevent mental health problems after childbirth.


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