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It is good for a child if one parent tunes it against the other

It is good for a child if one parent tunes it against the other

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The phenomenon of Parental Alienation receives little attention in Hungary, despite the fact that the problem is significant and the most widespread form of child abuse in the family.

Listen to me! At this conference, domestic and international experts dealt with the topic.

What is Alien Alienation?

A healthy child loves both parents, with natural confidence, affection, and commitment to their parents, even when the parents break down. In the case of a parent alienation, one parent survives his or her own controls over the other parent by engaging the middle child in a way that is manifested, influenced, and severely weighted. It is intended that the child should take his (or the alienated parent's) judgment and, as a matter of fact, the child should represent the same position and form an opinion.Also, ignore the child's senses, the love of the other parent, and the natural attachment and hesitation. The alienation has consequences - either over the long term or up to and including - the child is completely removed from the other parent or a family member who suffers from all these negative childhood conditions, resulting in behavioral, cognitive, psychological and emotional problems and, in some cases, psychosomatic symptoms. It is good for the child to tune the child against another parent Most cases of alienation appear on the caring parent's side, excluding the other parent - usually the child's life. The elхbbi esetйben the child has no reason racionбlis йlmйny йs megйlt the elidegenнtett szьlхvel kapcsolatosan.Az elidegenedйs reflected in the relations kуros kцvetkezmйnyekйnt csalбdi child, that the child - йs kьlsх befolyбs hatбsбra megfelelйsi kйnyszerbхl - will cause a nйlkьl elutasнtу йs bбntу magatartбst for posts by these people loved korбbban against his parents. The latter, that is, the alienation of currency, is the result of the parent himself being harmed by the child and the parent-child relationship, and the parent is directly suffering from a grievous or sinful behavior towards the child.

What about home?

Many countries in the international arena are dealing with this destructive phenomenon, which has been called for by law enforcement from a child protection point of view, and has appeared in more recent laws. In Hungary, many people have not seen the problem as well not getting enough attention and tone neither for professionals nor for lawmakers. For the purpose of presenting and presenting the phenomenon, the Apostle Organized Public Benefit Association organized its first domestic conference, legal research in November 2017. The event received special attention. Due to the number of positive feedbacks and the importance of the topic, the Association organized its second conference on May 10, 2019, which now included a series of conferences - Listen to Me! It is called the Conference on Children's Rights.More than one specialist should be aware of the problem and possible solutions, as alienation of children can lead to life-threatening deaths. This is a well-known phenomenon that is happening in many families, said Csaba Szaniszlу, president of the Association. Szelhi Elimination Syndrome (PAS) as a pediatric manifestation syndrome study does not form part of the Basic Examination Protocol in procedures initiated by the Parental Surveillance Authority, but it is not permitted by law, The major problem in this field is that the parent alien can be reliably examined for the recognition and diagnosis of symptoms (symptoms) in our country in the strictest sense of the word. 1-2 professionals have sufficient professional knowledge And prepared. Particularly with regard to - which further exacerbates the problem and its severity - it is often eroded or undermined. also requires examination of the Malignant Parent Syndrome (DRMPS), which is not known even by PAS, even in Hungary. certification of qualified professionals requires involvement in effective procedures. This requires the training and further training of professionals, psychologists, psychiatrists working in the field of child protection and family support. The Magyarorszбgon - mйg kialakulуban lйvх bнrуi нtйlkezйs beginning to recognize the problйma lйtйt йs jelentхsйgйt - egysйgessйgйt terms: "The child vonhatу nevelйsйre valу alkalmatlansбgra kцvetkeztetйs abbуl if you want to szьlх idegenнteni mбsik szьlхtхl of the child ..." (The Legfelsхbb Bнrуsбg 17 szбmъ irбnyelve ).

An international example

Parental alienation is considered by some countries to be a punishment for children, as the process has severe mental effects on children. As a result of alienation, negative feelings such as self-aggravation, deh and depression prevail in the child. In some countries (eg Austria, Romania, Brazil, Mexico), parental alienation is considered to be a criminal offense. For example, in a recent case in New York in 2015, where the parent's contact was prevented in addition to the alienation symptoms, the parent was also required to pay for the parent.

Relocated or cared for

The frequency of relocation / relocation in the context of family breakdowns is a growing trend in the world, as opposed to exclusively parenting. According to one study, Sweden has the highest proportion of children living in SGEIs: in the early 1990s, only 4% of children were living with their parents, compared to 28% in 2017. changed family model It is also gaining popularity in Germany, despite the fact that many open requests make this type of solution difficult (where the child's permanent home is, who can pay the family fee, and the child's worth of TB in 2002). change placement / care institution as a priority for families affected by the choice. Since 2006, the courts have been examining the possibility of relocation. The French prefer the two-week cycle: the child spends one week with his mother and one week with his father.In our country, this type of family model is almost unknown, or. they are confronted with resistance, mainly due to lack of proficiency and lack of knowledge on the basis of the principle and research.

The conference is domestic and international lecturers

At this year's conference, the Association has invited domestic and international professionals to present the issue of parent alienation and its potential prevention and resolution. The conference was opened by András Jaczу, the Duke's secretary of the Trustees' Association, and then Dr. Edward Kruk, a sociologist, family researcher, associate professor of child and family policy at the University of British Columbia, and the benefits and benefits of caring for a child in a live login form. The Alien Alien phenomenon receives little attention in Hungary Katalin Eszter Sбrik йs Bolyky Dr. Orsolya kriminolуgiai tudomбnyos kutatуk the Orszбgos Kriminolуgiai Intйzet Bыnцzйskutatбsi йs Elemzйsi Tudomбnyos Osztбlyбnak fхmunkatбrsai tudomбnyos kutatбsi- hнvtбk йs tбrsadalmi context, the attention of children apбtlan kriminogйn kockбzataira.A gyermekbбntalmazбsok tekintetйben the csalбd- йs gyermekjуlйti szolgбltatбs lehetхsйgeirхl Csokonбnй Vнzkeleti Ildikу the MACSGYOE I rйgуjбnak elnцksйgi member and jelzхrendszer fontossбgбrуl йs mыkцdйsйrхl Bulyбki Tьnde the Szociбlis йs Gyermekvйdelmi Fхigazgatуsбg Mуdszertani Fхosztбlyбnak szakmafejlesztйsi Rapporteur held elхadбst.Jьrgen Rudolph nйmet retired csalбdjogi bнrу in szemйlyes lбtogatбst Magyarorszбgra. In his presentation, he demonstrated the importance of changed thinking and children's co-operation through his views on the Cochem model he created and localized. Also present was Iulian Laurentiu Stefan, a Romanian psychologist who personally acknowledged and acknowledged the Romanian recognition of the alien alienation of his parents.Dr. Sбnta Nуra, a rocking horse Rights of the Child Alapнtvбny Children's Rights Pro Bono Kцzpont vezetхje йs Rights of the Child szakйrtхje the szьlхi elidegenнtйs domestic elismertsйgйt, elfogadottsбgбt йs megelхzйsi lehetхsйgeit presented the konferenciбn.Deliбga Йva, chartered gyermekpszicholуgus йs integratнv child therapist leginkбbb the elvбlt szьlхk children jellemzх lojalitбskonfliktus tьneteire, felismerйsi йs he called attention to his possibilities of dissolution. The conference was concluded by a roundtable discussion, during which the public could interactively and ask questions from the speakers. Csaba Vйgezetьl Szaniszlу the Apбk the Igazsбgйrt Kцzhasznъ Egyesьlet elnцke kцszцnte elхadуk at all, and in the vendйgek jelenlйtйt, tйma irбnti йrdeklхdйsйt.Az Apбk the Igazsбgйrt Kцzhasznъ Egyesьlet working tovбbbiakban the fact that minйl tцbb professionals figyelmйt felhнvja the szьlхi elidegenнtйs jelensйgйnek lйtezх йs valуs problйmбjбra and children kйtszьlхs igйnyйre йs vйdelmйre in cases when the csalбdi йletkцzцssйg йs unravel the szьlхk vбlбsa elkerьlhetetlen.Az Egyesьlet has about 500 fхs taglйtszбmmal, munkбjбban tries every man hozzбjuk fordulу szбmбra child йrdekйt йs kйtszьlхs igйnyйt elхtйrbe helyezх providing legal advice and assistance. Among its members are not only paternal fathers who are not their children, but also mothers in similar situations, and even grandparents are represented.Related articles:
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