What is BPD?

What is BPD?

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During pregnancy, ultrasound findings are often associated with short cuts. What does BPD mean?

What is BPD?

According to the current pregnancy protocol, three ultrasound examinations are required for pregnancy. The purpose of ultrasound examinations is to monitor pregnancy and naturally the condition of the fetus. Knowledge of fetal dimensions is extremely important for tracking development.The BPD (or BIP) (Biparietaler Durchmesser, Biparietal Diameter) is the transverse diameter of the head, the width of the head, or the size of the head. the distance between the two fishes. It can be measured after the 11th week, at about 16mm, giving a weight around 95mm at the end of the pregnancy. Because of the differences in the baby's design, the BPD value may differ from the same weight for babies. A lot of mothers are worried about the internet because the data on the find does not exactly match the ¬ numbers circulating on the net. Differences can, of course, show trouble, developmental abnormalities, but most of all, the difference is that the fetal growth occurs in a different rate. is used to calculate and track fetal dimensions, is probably the most widespread in the US Hadlock , but they are in German Hansmann And the English Campbell also the name of the measure.
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