3 + 1 handy tips for getting started

3 + 1 handy tips for getting started

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3 + 1 handy tips for getting started

After your bags, pens, and useful bags, now come some simple and useful tips for moms!

1. Wrap your little notebooks in plain paper, as their attention is easy to wander off. The many colors and tiny patterns can easily distract the little ones.
2. Use Your Word! Pack each subject in the same color! This will make it easier for children to manage books and related notebooks!
3. Name everything! Many pencils, colors, pens are easily lost between children's hands. The easiest way is to cut a thin paper towel, write a monogram and stick it on cellulose. The stock lasts longer if you put your name on each piece.
+ An extra tip: The first parent in your life will definitely be a marathoner. Prepare at least three daily cold foods!


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