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He's a kid with a chump

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I learn from my father how to run the yeast, because it's worth nothing - so I would have said so before. Today, however, we are turning to blogs for kitchen ideas. Who will become a gastroblogger and what can we learn from them?

Photograph: Zoltan Sбrosi

"I didn't look at the kitchen until the age of three, it was my mother's supreme area, I only enjoyed the heavenly treats, I had no idea how to cook", says one of the authors, mother of a small baby brother (photunnkon). "But at that time I had a problem with weight, and I tend to be hungry in Hungarian. Then, going to Budapest, I started to fall in love and began to wonder what I eat, how much and when. however, I am absolutely a believer in the evolution of Hungarian cuisine! csцppentem nemzetkцzi tбrsasбgba under fхiskola йvei, talбlkoztam йs vadonatъj нzekkel, elkйszнtйsi mуdokkal, йteltбrsнtбsokkal. the sulibуl hazafelй beьltem the Libribe every day, I was reading English йs szakбcskцnyvek recipes aztбn hazaйrve will lбttam the kнsйrleteknek. At that time, I noticed that hъsfйlй and I have carbohydrates with lots of greenery. "

Lola became a biomass with her birth?

"As I was six months old, I started to sell apple cider, but by no means did he sell it. Then I discovered the organic apple was also sold to Lolab. couscous, gourmet, daisy, and I praised the praise that our soul knows the multiplicity of tastes we have, and it hasn't been as long as it hasn't been in the oven. and the real essence is the cashew oriental red lentil soup What you haven't seen at home: sugar, flour, flavors, state-of-the-art colors and their industrial counterparts, but we don't drink milk because people don't drink milk. I use honey, a little marshmallow sugar. "

What's wrong with the ovis menu?

"For homemade kefir shake, I blend many delicious fresh or frozen fruits, a great favorite with banana kefir shakes, cinnamon, maple syrup, blueberry yogurt with honey, and whipped cream, and whipped cream, for the harsh, strong, not naturally tasting ones, should I classify it? Wonder if it is getting worse? But the ovi can not make it fresh. It is important not to give him processed, added, sweetened, in-store chocolate, biscuits or confectionery, but pure food. . "

How was your blog born?

"Our friends started to write my recipes, and at parties we regularly learned that with Dorci (Dorottya Sababo law) and Bébin (Bartender's sibling) in a corner, we were discussing the recipe for cooking, but not the recipe. I was home with Lola and I had to use my creative energy: I invent the food, I create it, I arrange it to be profitable, it is the job of the food stylist, with the exception that nйmi tцrtйnettel, hozzбvalуkkal йs the exact elkйszнtйs menetйvel kцrнtve put my blog Kьldetйsьnk to бtadjuk the secrets of the "Temindennapfххххzцццl ??? !!!" kйrdйssel rбnk csodбlkozуnak. varбzsolni ьnnepnapot to be the hйtkцznapokbуl a egйszsйges, elkйszнthetх under нnyenc, minutes with a tooth that not only our bodies, souls, but our well-off couple, our kid, our friends also have a bright face. For me, it is crucial that Lola learns how to make healthy, delicious, delicious, healthy ingredients. At the age of three, he is curious about what he can help in the kitchen: garlic pucol, wash herbs, stir, ring, drizzle. Teaching healthy eating today without the power of Hungarian cuisine without the role of home cuisine is one of the key to our survival. In addition to this, kitchen art for me is really art, the kitchen for painting, and we make taste, color and fragrance. We do the season, the holiday, the occasion, but every new condition is inspired. "

Conscious delights

We served a breakfast in May at the Spooontu and a favorite healthy dessert.

Honey yogurt with fresh strawberries on a fluffy quilt with sweet pistachio brush

Hozzбvalуk: 20 deca fresh strawberries, a box of natural yoghurt, one teaspoon of honey, two teaspoons of whole wheat honey teaspoon (Naturgold) For pistachios: a pinch of pistachio, one teaspoon of olive oil, three more fresh teaspoonfuls
Elkйszнtйs: First, I made the pester. I clean the pistachio, roughen it with a board knife, and then do the same with the mint, finally mixing all the ingredients in a small bowl. In the next step, I'll take the yogurt and mix the honey in the big spoon with the honey. After all this, all I have to do is lay the tops of yogurt, yogurt, strawberry and pistachio on top of each other.

Dessert without remorse

By all accounts, this is my pet's favorite because it iiiiiiiimim chocolate - real chick - and since it has no deca flour and no sugar (in my household, as I said, neither do adults) we're all done with it. There's nothing tuning, no machination: just as the bottom rained down after the heavy rains in the sun, as this glittering chocolate paint blurred with the cloudy blue paint all over there! One serving of seasonal booklets is even finer!

Foamed chocolate cake with honey and honey

Hozzбvalуk: 25 deca di, 2.5 deca soft butter, like egg, pinch, two teaspoons of honey, half sachet of powder, one pops of cocoa powder.
For the water: 10 deca minimum 70% cocoa chocolate, 10 deca butter, one teaspoon water, two teaspoons of honey, 2 deci milk (instead of cucumber milk for paleodietic followers), 10 deca
Elkйszнtйs: 1. Making a cake is at least as simple as the final result. I set the oven to 180 degrees.
2. I cut the 25 deca, set it aside. I whisk the egg yolks with butter and honey, and with the help of an electric whisk, add the roast, the diet and the cocoa powder, and work it well. I put a pinch of white on a hard foam stack and gently rolled it into a heavy mass. I take out a 20 centimeter cake mold with baking paper, pour it into the oven and place it in the preheated oven for 30 minutes.
3. When the cake is cold, I take it out and let it cool for a while, and in the meantime I cooked the honey. I'll cut the diet roughly, put it aside. In a bowl, they heat water, put a metal plate over it, make the chocolate, add the butter and water, and stir until the chocolate melts completely. I evenly work the honey and cream into my chocolate cream, finally adding the coarsely cut diet. I cover some of the slightly cooled cake with honey and refrigerate it a couple of times. A pile of fresh strawberries or blueberries make it a real May dessert! (Everything is made from organic ingredients, of course this is not required.)


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