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Blood clotting disorder can cause infertility

Blood clotting disorder can cause infertility

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Not only can clotting disorder cause severe thrombosis, it is very common that it occurs in the background of failed pregnancies.

Blood clotting disorders can cause infertility

Unfortunately, due to the ransom examinations, too little attention is paid to the exclusion of blood clotting disorders, although very common when it is in the background of failure - call your attention Dr. Zsuzsanna Szélessy Hematologist Chief Physician, Thrombosis Center at The blood clotting and the blood balance are very fine in our body, if any, so serious can become serious. In the case of hematopoiesis, increased haematopoiesis and haemorrhage, but also increased thrombosis and consequent pulmonary embolism. Many people are aware of this danger, but fewer know that the blood clotting disorder getting pregnant йs can also cause repeated miscarriages.Accordingly, the body undergoes changes that lead to increased blood clotting due to an increase in the activity of the clotting factors and a decrease in the number of whites that prevent clotting. This is to prevent the mother from bleeding when she is born. But this carries the risk that during pregnancy and in the baby, dangerous cancer may develop - explains zsuzsanna Szélessy, chief physician of the Hepatitis The expert added that, in addition to severe thrombosis, increased tendency to hematopoiesis also plays a role in serial abortion and premature birth. Blood cancer can occur in any part of the body, including in the placental blood vessels - if it occurs, the nutritional and oxygen supply of the fetus will be impaired, and its outcome may be unfortunate. not a common protocol for testing for clotting disorder. That is why many people still do not solve the problem of miscarriages, unsuccessful attempts, even in the case of artificial insemination, because in this case, deaths can occur. That is, when thrombophilia is in the background of failed pregnancies, the only solution lies in the treatment of coagulation.

Blood coagulation disorder can be detected by coloring

Thrombophilia examination cvtvnvn which may be a source of light for genetic mutations. If there is evidence of a blood clotting disorder, such as appropriate treatment of a blood clot, the missing factors can be corrected. THE haemorrhagic treatment even after childbirth should continue for a period determined by the doctor.

When Is Thrombophilia Screening Worth It?

- previous history of thrombosis / pulmonary embolism,
- family history of thrombosis / pulmonary embolism,
- before treatment of the flask (due to high dose hormone therapy),
- in the case of habituation,
- in case of infertility,
- before starting any estrogen treatment.Related articles on blood clotting disorder, thrombosis:


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