10 Things You Need To Know About Kids Sleep

10 Things You Need To Know About Kids Sleep

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As children, with so many sleeping habits, it is not possible to give it full credit, but there are a few things you can do if you are clear. Be sure to read these 10 things!

That's why you need a restful sleep

The baby needs a good night's sleep to grow up and stay healthy. Muscles, the heart, all develop during sleep.

During sleep, the brain also develops

While the sleep of the righteous sleeps, the little brain processes and stores the events of the day that it can recall later. This learning process rйsze. Later, at school, you will also need a restful sleep to be able to perform well there.

Give her a good night's sleep

How much sleep do you need?

Kids need more sleep than you do. Do you have a toddler? 11 and 14 o'clock sleeps are needed throughout the day. Children 3-5 years of age are slightly less likely to be 11-13 hours of age. When they are 6-13 years old, they need 9-11 hours of rest when they enter adolescence, they need 8-10 hours. But do they really sleep that much? Well, that's another story.

Do you have to relax during the sun?

Children's day-to-day sleep depends on how they slept at night. Some of the toddlers sleep 13 hours a night, others sleep 8 hours a night, while the rest are burned during the day. It does not sleep at all for up to 5 years. If your child is 5 years old, It is worth setting up a little earlier in the evening, so you won't need daytime naps. The same is true for teenagers, if you find that sleeping in sleep is good for sleeping, at least not at night.

How to Sleep?

It should not be allowed to have a night's sleep as an attachment. Design an evening routine and stick to it every day, even during the week. Bathing, brushing should be a part of this ritual. Design a playful relaxing activity before going to sleep, such as: reading a fairy tale in the dark.

How do you get your teen to go to bed early?

Not an impossible task, but it is a fact that life is not easy for a teenager whose inner lips, unfortunately, slip away a bit: they like to go to bed, but they like to sleep a lot.

Maybe you should start school soon?

Yes, that would definitely be easier for teenagers. It is not easy to find a solution to the problem. In most high schools, the bell rings before 8 in the morning. Many teenagers also struggle with sleep because many of them don't like to go to bed before 11 in the evening. They would surely be better off starting school sooner, but that's not what they decide. Those who sleep well perform better at school.

Is my child sleeping enough?

Between 15 and 30 minutes before bedtime, your child should rest in order to have a good night's sleep. To relax a bit, you need to relax before sleeping in your bed before you actually wake your head. So you can be sure it will wake up in the morning. How do you know if you sleep well at night? If you do not sleep at school or sleep at home in the valleys of Delhi, you can be sure that you are sleeping well.

Maybe you have sleep deprivation?

Different sleep problems are quite natural in young children. But sometimes there is something wrong with the backyard. Snoring, long pauses in breathing, difficulty breathing - these are all worth seeing with your doctor as you may have sleep apneahas your child. Sleep deprivation, nightmares, bedwetting - these are also signs of a sleep disorder that you should definitely talk to your pediatrician.

ADHD or just a little sleep?

Adults and children behave completely differently when they have sleep problems. While adults are slowing down, children are able to jump even on the walls. Such hyperactivity may be a sign of ADHD. Your pediatrician can help you figure out what's in the backyard. If your child combat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, having the right amount of sleep can help you concentrate and stay hyperactive. Whether you want to sleep or not, be in your room in the evening when it comes to sleep. Stay cool in your room. And - even if it sounds strange - turn off your father, your phone, and your computer while you're asleep.The source of this article is here.These can also be useful:


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