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Progesterone treatment can prevent recurrence

Progesterone treatment can prevent recurrence

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US researchers have shown that repeated miscarriages after treatment with progesterone can help keep the next fetus.

Progesterone treatment can prevent recurrence

Progesterone has been used for more than fifty years to help with pregnancy: the hormone helps to stabilize the inner mucous membrane of the uterus, thereby helping to fertilize the fertilized egg. However, we have not yet tested whether progesterone can help those who are not pregnant, but okbуl lose some baby fejlхdх Origo said horned.Mary Stephenson, University of Illinois Hospital Reporter's Multiple Marriage Research Program, says very common problem, against which there is currently very little evidence of treatment. that the kromoszуmahibбt hordozу s ezйrt hiбnyosabbak knowledge about fejlхdх fetuses kikьszцbцlйsйre the kйzzelfoghatу s nйlkьli ismйtlхdх vetйlйssel jуval "-idйzi the origin the nyilatkozatot.A kutatбs sorбn vizsgбltak abnormally high, 116 betegbхl бllу group termйszetes vйdekezйsi mechanism nхi body, the group everyone has a history of multiple miscarriages. Research has focused on the mammary glands: it is assumed that even with prior knowledge jбtszhat greater role in the early terhessйg szakaszбban. The research involved the management of the Yale University Reproduction and Placid Research Group Harvey Klimanto select among subjects with abnormal development of the pleural mucosa and to characterize the tissue for expression in the nCyclinE white. abnormal levels of nCyclinE in bladderworm has been shown to be involved in the treatment of progesterone during the second half of their menstrual cycle, because the pleural effusion during this period is increased progesterone the successful szьlйssel vйgzхdх terhessйg esйlyйt. More than two-thirds of women treated with progesterone have managed to keep their pregnancies, while in the non-hormone-treated group, this ratio has barely reached 50 percent. " risk-free treatment for a significant amount of repeat women, "quoted Origo Stephenson, who did the above in the Fertility and Sterility magazine." The Endometrial Functional Test has proven that it can be a useful diagnostic tool for patients with recurrent miscarriage, "said Kliman, who also has more than one patented test for the level of nCyclinE they should definitely talk to their doctor about the possibility of treating progesterone deficiency; he adds, however, that the optimal therapeutic decision can only be made after a thorough evaluation of the factors that can be associated with abortion.
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