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It's incredible that this baby is dancing in the tummy

It's incredible that this baby is dancing in the tummy

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As far as music is concerned, the baby really has a special taste for baby.

It is unbelievable that this baby is dancing in the tummy. You have already heard that playing classical music to your baby during pregnancy improves your baby's intelligence. This has so far been scientifically unsuccessful, but it sure is the baby in the womb listen to the music - And other sounds. Then why not listen to a variety of music with your baby? ”Photographer Daniella Guenther did exactly that - just looking for her second child, a little boy. Birth is expected in September, but the baby had to rest for a while. While his little boy is not ready to come out, Daniella's generation is having fun with his favorite music, the list is all over? 90s slogans like Sir Mix-A-Lot's "Baby Got Back" from hip-hop. the baby is a real fan of the song:
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Apparently, baby got back. What else ya gonna play to your unborn child ?! ????. They're digging it. # 90shiphop #babygotback #instafunny #maternity #pregnancy #nyc

Posted by Danielle Guenther Photography (@danielleguentherphotos) on Aug 21, 2019 at 1:36 pm (by PDT timezone)

As the celebrity refrain of the song rings, "I like big butts, and I can't lie?" other moms arrуl that what kind of songs their children adored while they lived in the tummy.My baby daughter danced to Rob Thomas Lonely No More while she was in my stomach - one of the mothers, while another mom, reminded me that Summer's two-year-old baby girl is always a big fan of Baby Got Back. baby hears the music, so listen to your favorites, and their favorites, once your nose is formed. If there is no other benefit, at least it is sure to help you relax. Because if you listen to music you love, you help calm down, which has a positive effect on your baby too. It also has a good effect on the baby if you talk to it while you're in the tummy: telling it, reading the book or reading your book out loud. But you can sing your favorite songs to yourself (VIA)Related links:


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