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So many things you can do against climate change

So many things you can do against climate change

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When was the tinйdzser klнmaaktivista, Greta Thunberg beszйdet the Egyesьlt Nations Szцvetsйgйnek klнma csъcstalбlkozуjбn, many words megйrintettek szьlхt well.

Household Tips To Help You Cope Against Climate Change (Fotу: iStock) We assume that we will protect our children to the maximum, but Thunberg's speech proves that many adolescents do not.And so many other children in the world think we can make the planet, klнmavбltozбs against, And we do not need to be a leading person for this action. We nйhбny a hint of what you can bбrki valуsнtani the sajбt hбztartбsбban, so as to be able to hozzб jбrulni kьzdelemhez against klнmavбltozбs.

Say no to the bags

It seems like a small thing, but disposable plastic utensils and nylon bags are dumped in the trash after just a few minutes, and because they are not decomposed, they are very damaging to the environment. Plastic packaging and bags are a number of washable, reusable alternatives to the ones we have, which are already being seen by more and more chain stores. There are also many stores where you can buy them in bulk, but there are also many supermarket products that are not individually packaged. Where is rб lehetхsйg, there йrdemes elvinnьnk the home, sajбt tбrolу dobozainkat, thereby csцkkentve the mыanyaghulladйk mennyisйgйt. We can also involve our children, who will surely enjoy the purchase this time.

We have more plants for food

Many уdzkodnak attуl to vбltsanak nцvйnyi йtrendre, but that does not mean that the egyбltalбn not csцkkenthetnйnk hъsfogyasztбsunkat. According to the UN Climate Change Report, consuming more basic foods and reducing our dietary fat intake can also alleviate some of the problems associated with climate change. A day of silence a week in the case of a family is already a very commendable decision to make to the environment.

Let's travel more consciously

If you choose to use public transport more often - perhaps walking, if you can - or switch to a bicycle, you can do a lot for the environment. You do not have to give up your car completely, you just have to plan more consciously when to choose your car from time to time. Greta Thunberg has also given up on air travel due to climate change, but air travel has a lot to do with reducing the number of journeys (VIA). Related links:


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