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(S) Twenty-sixth of June in my little garden…

(S) Twenty-sixth of June in my little garden…

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Apples are not produced in the hypermarket, and the nipple is not necessarily a "delicacy" in metal bottles. Yeah, I realize Dad's not a Bill's farmer, but I can only somehow guide you to the basics.

At least, I will. Boo, hoe, share jolly, control the garden! Unskilled in agriculture, laser gardening experience is not a hindrance. If you have a beautiful and abundant garden, you usually say that it is green. For me, this topic is mine, but it is also something.
(Of course, if I had not been mindful of handball during my childhood, but, say, paying a little attention to Pepe's Guide, I would be in a much easier position now.)
Tool thousands
The first step in common crop cultivation is to have all of your earth-crushing tools have a splash-proof version that is geared to the nocturnal steps. Of course, Goma would love to go out with his dad's little hood (you know, whose backbend has two wild weeds), Csenge is also capable of doing serious eastern martial arts with a needle but not a horse.
The weed garden left behind by our twin pregnancy and other child-rearing activities with multiple hardships (my friend Béla is one of the nicest weed banks in the world) is, by experience, very sophisticated. (First, I lost my wrought iron tongue, and then my mother flattened her head.) But I finally managed to get some lightweight into a weaning condition.
Well, that term also gets a whole lot of new meaning when you start gardening with two to three-year-olds. One part can mean the revolutions shown in the pair (yes, all in all) of the fresh lot. (Not the most potent germinating activity but enthusiasm.)
On the other hand, planting the same plant species in a single bed is a boring tradition in a big way… e, if we sow corn in the neighborhood. The distance, the depth of the plantation, and other agricultural orchards that we wanted to disrupt our own kind of free gardens, were completely ignored.
I just hope for some slim success because otherwise I will never be able to prove that kinder eggs cannot be propagated by planting.
Mow, mow!
With Béla's friend we promised that once somebody tells us "Come on, you are invested and there is a problem", we will advise the person without delay to Ipoly. (Aha: aeration, birch, watering, birch, weed, birch, sprinkle, birch and the end of the birch.)
Nomбrmost. Since I got help, lawn care has become considerably more complicated.
Zoom bag. This means that in a terrific area, with the help of a plastic childrens firewood, it kills the grass in a condition that is unsuitable for actual watering. If you're awake the next day at dawn, you might be able to handle this kind of "prepared" terrain.
Then you can roll up the piled-up heaps of words. (I used to adore it as a kid, and my ascendants had a great time with it. Son of Apgar). can distribute it evenly in proportion to what it was before the rake.
Miss Sisyphus. It could have been really cool alone.


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