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We should recommend circumcision

We should recommend circumcision

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Professor Brian Morris of the United States says the benefits of circumcision for boys outweigh the risks by one hundred to one.

Research also revealed that not uncircumcised Half of men experience some form of health disorder at least once in their lives. A joint Austrian-American research group suggests that the results again support the American Academy of Pediatrics' latest recommendation to disclose kцrьlmetйlйsrхl, and to be able to make the boys circumcise.In the United States, kцrьlmetйlйs its rate has fallen from 83 in the 1960s to 77 in the 1960s. Researcher Brian Morris, a professor at the University of Sydney, says there are two main reasons for this decline in the United States. One is that the proportion of Hispanics in the population who are unfamiliar with this practice has increased, which is why they apply it to their children with less currency. The other factor is that, in 18 states, there is no Medicaid support for intervention, so in these states, kцrьlmetйlйs its rate is 24 percent lower.

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The author of the study, published in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings magazine, said the results: "Our research demonstrates that infantile childhood should be considered equivalent to childhood vaccines, and as such, it would not seem ethical.
The professor also said that the greatest immediate benefit of intervention in infancy is that it protects against with infections which can damage the kidneys. However, recent research has also shown that kцrьlmetйlйs does not adversely affect sexual function, sensibility, or mood, which counteracts one of the reasons for the opponents of circumcision.


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