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Mom robot doesn't fuss

Mom robot doesn't fuss

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Motherhood is not a lasting triumph we enjoy every minute. But to talk about complaining about complaining that sometimes we have enough of the minute's exact agenda, the constant repetition and the frustration - it doesn't fit, we don't like it.

What are we afraid of? You might be questioned by perfect mother kйpe? To end our head: You wanted to be a mom ?! Yes, we wanted to give birth, breastfeed and nurture. We wanted to be the first to crawl, cuddle, get up, start, give birth. From here, the conclusion is straightforward: we wanted to stay at home and sweetest weekdays too. But did we know what a small child home really is?

Mom robot doesn't fuss

- Surely there are affectionate women who prefer this - she wants Madaras Murnika, the mother of two and a half year old Barnus and the half year old Sombor. - Those who give birth to their children, and immediately afterwards, carry out their small activities with complete confidence. Don't let yourself go, don't worry about everything, don't call your males eight times a day to say, oh, I don't know, oh, what's up now and oh, come home!

Baby parenting, don't worry if you get upset sometimes

I have repeatedly apologized to my brother for coming in and out of the car for a while now. This baby is catching on to me. Today, I've experienced the little one so much that I can't remember what I felt so difficult back then. Maybe I was absorbed into motherhood a little slower than others. THE after childbirth I lay there for a long time, and I was only calm when someone around there was a pig. But one day, I was left alone with the little one. I kept annoying myself with everything. I went through baby books, monthly charts, and of course, I was permanently unmoved. Too thin. Till Quarter. Why don't you have any teeth? Left-handed ?! With this worry, all I could do was make me feel bad. Often and many. Others were hesitant: instead of hurting their healthy child, they did, they were sad. He doesn't even deserve such a thing ... I don't even know when we fucked up with my son. Once I wrote down his signs and suddenly I became more confident. I didn't panic when I started crying, rest assured that she wasn't going to starve to death, the rest counted. The agenda has become tighter and even more unpredictable. It was not enough to pay attention to the little one, the big one also demanded the court. Zombie is six months old now. "Just" wants her mother twenty times. Barnus is more understanding: he is only twelve.- I confess I was afraid that the baby blues would catch on a little, and you are constantly feeling down. I was able to get out of bed almost immediately after childbirth and did my job. I was driven by something that I couldn't leave because my sons needed me. I'm not worried about everything (just the little ones ...), somehow I prefer the obstacles. But really, really cool, two little kids. And slowly three years ago I "work" at home.A child care kьlцn lifeform. I chose it myself because I want to spend these years with my kids. I was never asked to work or to be a family, though I loved my job, I was looking for it. I think this period gives a lot to the little ones, and if I increase the chances of being a happy grown-up a little, it has already been worth it. At the same time… though, I am not stopping him from saying this. That's how I feel, I'm a mother robot.I'm waking up, mixing the cocoa, making the sandwich, breastfeeding, every day. But the faces are the same too, little mother, protector, doctor, and two little children, and no trip is part of our lives. Then, in the evening, I wish I could be again, superfluous, and roomy, but I don't have much power. After breastfeeding, I fall into bed and I am disappointed to think that I have not played with the big one today. I still didn't grab my brother's hand today to tell you what happened. I didn't call my friends today to talk. I know it's going to be easier day after day. The little ones grow up, they become more agile. My brother understands, understands the situation. And I wanted to ... but even if you were just an uber, you would have to turn this child care-ьzemmуdot.

You're not alone!

THE staying home with her children not a new phenomenon. The only question is why so many pregnant women are leaning on so many forums, and what is the situation of women today. There are three-, four-, and middle-aged families living on small islands. Grandparents from the countryside either work or are nice and don't ask for another day. The father works a lot, and the conclusion is straight away: the mother will be left alone with a child.You have to live up to a lot of expectations: be a good mom, wife, housewife… but it's okay if you work with the child for a while. And there is the dilemma of the elderly: can you afford to be out of work for years? Why have you learned so much if you are just home and "not working"?Zsuzsa Szvetelszky, According to the ELTE teacher, another the situation of a little babybecause they didn't get that much information. They didn't even worry about what they were missing out on and what they still needed to do. They didn't read the average numbers, the statistics, most of all, that the mother was watching her and her child with suspicion. Six grams so many grams. Anyone who deviates from it is either too lean or too stone. Eight days… do you mind? Isn't it Developing Properly? - One of the most important steps a mom can do to get through every channel searches for your friends. Chat, mail, phone, discover nearby clubs, playgroups ... and realize that you are not alone in your fears. Just as anyone else suffers from the extra lumps that remain after childbirth, and yet we do not need to see ourselves as shameful or stone. And ask, dare to ask for help from the environment. Clearly, to be precise: I'm tired, I want to sleep in it one at a time! I want to buy myself shoes! Because it is not possible to do so twenty-one unless one is resting in the middle.

There's help!

Many times, the hardest thing to do is to dare to say to yourself, "It's not going." That you have to ask for help. And if there is no alarming grandmother, relative, babysitter, who can your baby turn to? The Home Help Foundation started in 2002 with the goal of helping mothers with small children. Your volunteers leave the family for a certain amount of time, usually three to six months, to take the burden off the expectant mother.Szecsiddi Бkosnй, Kati цnkйntese of "Home Segment". Every urn has some sort of entry in your calendar, with up to eight grandchildren among them. But there are still two blank boxes that are offered to families with small children. Anybody can help me out by word of mouth. - The first time is just getting to know me, I might say, a kind of "sympathy". Let's discuss what I can do to help my mom. I had a family where the mother simply couldn't move out of the house. He had two young children at home, the big one barely a year old and unable to come; the other baby. To start with a stroller, a stroller, a bag, a biscuit, a baby bottle, all this stuff is an insoluble thing. If I remember correctly, in the spring I missed when the big one was running by me. Every day I see how difficult the situation is for a mother with a baby. They get so little support, and most of them it is very strong all day. It is not the real help to wash or tidy up the apartment, but if the closure of my apartment is lifted, there is not one, there is someone you can rely on. These women need themselves, their children, their homes, but they are very tired. Many of them have a stone, a conversation, to make them feel better. Or the lord as long as I play with the kid, he'll shower and he'll be a little sweet. Are they such big demands? I don't think ... and maybe you shouldn't talk a little bit more about this.

If you have to ring the alarm bell!

There are signs that literally indicate "I just feel bad". Бgota példбul mбsfél йv child care afterwards he noticed scary symptoms.- I did not dare to bear the cry of a child (though his cry did not cry more than others) that I could only stay at home with a plug. I started to let go of my housework with my hands, so I felt incapable of cooking, washing or ironing next to a kid. I just didn't do anything. It was all a matter of patience: the walk, the feeding, the diapering, and even if the kid was still bubbly, I became nervous. But not so much! Sometimes I stopped by the window and thought I'd throw it out all the time. And then, of course, my mind was switched on, and as someone with a nerve, I said to myself, "Now you're leaving the window not to do something terrible!" Now you put it in the baby and drink a coffee! I don't know - I don't want to know - where this could have happened! Luckily for me, the couple came up with the idea to send me on a therapy pole for therapy. Bar pouting that I do not want to, I had to go. There was a babysitter. I hated it, scoffed, but it stayed. My boyfriend was trapped in my bed in the evening and I couldn't leave until morning… and I slowly got sick.Related articles:
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"The mothers were never as frustrated as they are now."


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