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5 tips from your doctor for natural conception

5 tips from your doctor for natural conception

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Infertility is an increasingly common problem due to unhealthy lifestyles, malnutrition, stress, delayed marriages and childbirth. What can be done to increase the chance of natural conception?

5 Tips From The Medical For Natural PregnancyDr. Shweta Goswami Bear Specialist gave some light tips for this.

It could be a year

First of all, keep in mind that conception is not usually a month - up to half a year, when you can get pregnant naturally. Professionals also recommend that you complete the 12-month cycle before worrying about infertility.

Productivity window

Even the scientific facts behind conception were not to be overlooked, including the fact that the egg cell hatches on the second day of the menstrual cycle, while ovulation is shown in Figures 13-14. days for those with a 28-30 day cycle. The so-called productive window was also defined in relation to this: It rises between days. These are the days when you have the greatest chance of conception.

Pay attention to the signs

It is important to pay attention to the symptoms that may bring attention to a problem that makes it difficult to become pregnant. These include, for example, longer menstrual cycles, lower abdominal pain, and various inflammations. If you have fought mumps in the past or have had any pelvic floor surgery, you should consult your doctor.

Outgoing childhood

More and more people are choosing to give birth later, but the risk of conception is getting worse as you get older. Over 35 years of age, women may become increasingly difficult to conceive and to increase their risk of genetic problems. But not only women, men also have a reduced fertility capacity with the number of years.

The right way of life is important

The above factors also deserve to be taken into consideration for a healthy lifestyle. A diet rich in minerals and antioxidants is essential, but regular exercise and stress reduction through techniques such as yoga or meditation (VIA) are important.Related links: 


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