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Early costing is a problem!

Early costing is a problem!

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Many years of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Federation of Gynecologists and Noblemen are opposed to early medical support. However, the overwhelming majority of parents do not change their usual practice.

Although, naturally, there is no need for a genetic cord, which is now generally accepted standard in nurseries. The proposed attachment of the buckle is considered a new, unverified procedure.
One reason for this belief may be that, according to most physiology textbooks, the circulatory system of the genital cord is stopped when the circulatory system is stimulated. But this setting does not stop it.
Dr. David Hutchon so йrvel a British Medical Journal hasбbjain:
"There is nothing to justify shutting down a pulsatile cord. There is no change in practice, however, because they ignore the facts, win the pragmatism, and contradict the guidelines."
THE Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine based on the results of an independent examination, warns of the dangers of early spending:
"Justify Tцbb clinical vizsgбlat that kйsleltetett kцldцkzsinуr-ellбtбs raise the ъjszьlцtt szervezetйben keringх vйr, нgy hemoglobin mennyisйgйt, thus megelхzhetjьk the csecsemхk vйrszegйnysйgйt It is also known that the kцldцkvйr йrtйkes хssejteket. Vйrkйpzх хssejteket, endothelial-sejtelхanyagokat, mezenchimбlis хssejteket , which also justifies the proposed location of the bayonet. "

A dangerous chain reaction can start!

In American hospitals, the cord is squeezed and aborted within thirty seconds of childbirth. The reason for this is that there is less risk of severe blood loss for the mother and a reduction in the number of newborns. But the truth is that this practice can be harmful to the health of the newborn.
When the baby is born, oxygen does not enter the bloodstream through the lungs, but through the lungs. In order for this change to take place, the lungs must first open up. The blood flowing from the pride of the cord plays a big role in this process.
Without the extraordinary blood, the baby's blood pressure on the lungs is too small, and the lungs do not extend to the required size, and this can trigger a chain reaction with lung brain damage. Immediate cord blood loss can cause low blood pressure, reduced blood volume, and anemia, which can lead to malformation.
In some cases, the development of autism can also be linked to early spending.
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