Cold cut flat

Cold cut flat

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You will be divorced. Arrows about the situation and process when the mother is relieved of the need for a short time.

Cold cut flat

The little kid is one his greatest fear is that his parents will leave or love him. In the beginning, the two mean one thing, because the little old does not have the ability to be clear that if someone goes away, he will not disappear, but will come back.
Periodic separation needs to be prepared! It is only by the end of the third life that the kind of permanent image of a mother who, even temporarily absent, in the child's inner world, is constantly present and able to provide safety.

Don't threaten!

The kid you should never threaten to leave! Neither in frustration nor in trivia should we ever say things like, "If you are wrong I will leave you here!" or "If you shout like that, I'll give it to this lady!" Such and similar phrases awaken the anxiety that is always present in the little ones, even though they are afraid to leave them.
Of course, there are times when we really need to leave our child for longer or shorter periods of time. For example, we need to go to the hospital, maybe leave for a vacation or spend longer time due to work. In all cases, whenever possible, it is you must prepare for the loss in an appropriate manner.
You have to know that children are more relieved to feel the sadness and tension of separation when they are prepared for this event in time. The parent may be afraid of not being able to explain, and the child will not understand what it means to go to the hospital, for example, when it gets sick. Perhaps the parent has nothing to do with his or her own guilt and therefore does not want to prepare his or her child for divorce.
Again, you have to try to make it known that something is going to happen that we know is going to be bad for her, but she needs it. Whatever we say, it is always more than anything and will reassure the child better than to bet that nothing will happen.

It's lighter in action

It is best to start the preparation early, if possible 1-2 weeks early. First, let's just say, let's go and leave some time to be content with the idea. Not asking anything does not mean that you have forgotten or are not interested, but rather that you do not want to know about it because you do not want us to leave. Let's not lose ourselves, let's get the stuff back. We can use our child's more important dolls and toys for interpretation. Let's try to tell them what, if we remain in our example, happens when someone gets sick and goes to hospital.

The picture goes

In the beginning, the child will only listen to the story, and help him or her to be a part of it. You can try any role! The baby may be the doctor's womb or the mom. It is important that the little one understands at his own level what will happen. If you understand, it will calm down and it will not be such a daunting, uncertain period of divorce.
Divorce and the drama of the New Deal can be repeated many times, leaving room for our child to share his curiosity, his fears, his insecurities, with us. At the same time, it is important to have a realistic picture of what happened.
If we do not know when we will come back, do not say that we will be home two or two days. Let's just say, "As soon as I get better, my first thing to come home to." Be careful not to overload your children with our own fears, insecurities, or guilt! If someone is taking care of your child during our absence, it is important that you be prepared for it in advance. Give him time to make friends with someone who will take care of him.


For whatever reason, we need to leave our child, be honest, and prepare for the breakup. This will not only reassure you but also build a long-term trust in us.
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