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One minute a day, women will have a healthier bone

One minute a day, women will have a healthier bone

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Exeter and University of Leicester researchers say high-intensity, short-term exercise is good for bone health.

Running does good for the bones

This is equivalent to a moderate speed for premenopausal women, while women who enter menopause have a slow rate of exercise. They had 4 healthier bones than those who did less exercise, and those who did more than two minutes more intensive exercise, and that proportion was 6 percent. Dr. Victoria Stiles, an Exeter University expert added that it has not yet been discovered whether it is better to move less per day or to move once or twice a week, or if both are just as useful. because of the intensity of the exercises, the bones of the subjects became healthier, or already the healthier bones were those who were doing this type of training.Accordingly, running 1-2 minutes a day is definitely good for your bones, so if you are walking, it's worth putting in a short run, like trying to catch a bus.Related Articles:
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