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Instant Worldwide vs. valуsбg

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It has to be Instagram. It should be remembered that what you see there is just a tiny and often very manipulated slice of the truth. You're blogging now, but I'm sure the next story could have been played by you.

Instant Worldwide vs. valуsбg (Forrбs: iStock) Délutбn has 1 ura. The kids were finally asleep. I'd have a little work to do, ironing, tidying up the living room, sorting out baby clothes, washing ... But instead I cook a cup of coffee, lean on the couch with my phone and open the app. After all, I deserve a little rest too.
Three wonderfully beautiful little kids with perfect complexions in harmonious color sets look at me in the first picture, "The Meanings of My Life," writes the bloggermam below. Below rolls and a two-three-room cathartic photo of the nursery and a gracefully smiling British princely couple, one of my former colleagues at the beach was CIRCLE !!! "What shape do you have! You never dare to buy a bikini" - I dare.At the bomb-shaped colleague's foot, an aged baby in a bathing suit of the same design teases with a sandbag. How he grew and how sweet he was! Our neighbor smiled a cherry meadow on the terrace, a few minutes later. The celebrity mom is just inaugurating her new indoor ball pool with the kids while logging in to the instinct.
Something to do ... I want to say something too ... So I would show the kids to the world… and we were good too kirбndulni… A month ago…
"Are you posting a little lately, is everything okay?", Said my hairdresser lately. Of course, everything is fine! Kцrbenйzek; the apartment is running, and now I am in the category of salvage with dry shampoo, on our patio, the last muscle is just dying out, and my stone chips have seen better days, I'd even lift it up for an Easter, cloudy post like this. I'm starting to go back and forth between my photos. Kids. Kids in home play clothes. The children are sleeping. Kids dirty. Kids are nice, clean, but Dad and I look like two dead. Uh, this is really cool. Uh, this can't be because there's an iron-free heap in the backyard.
I blame you or 200 pictures since last year I was Christmas and I didn't find any photos that I thought were worth sharing on Instagram. It should be perfect. I can't press on some "here's to the family after Sunday's doodle scrubbing in a grungy, messy, fairy tale warming set" style post. What would your colleague, your neighbor, and the caregiver of the kids think, and of course, 200 unknowns, who's still looking at my picture on the basis of different hashtags?
I decide for a week that once the little ones have awakened, we will make something public. I wash away a piece of our beautiful porcelain that has gone beyond the past years of hardship. I wipe the table with disinfectant wet towel, cut the fruits, give the kids white sticks, so they will only look at their hands. I put them on the table and then, balancing on the kitchen steps, try to make a fruity and take the momentum as they open the first bite of the wall, as afterwards the meal will not be perfect.
That's it! The "Fighters the fruit #uzsi #fruits "caption. Even a little light here, a little extra color there and you can go out. My hands are shaking a bit with the balance and haste when I press the share button. And look at it, the neighbor, the former colleague, the wicked lady, and the secretary of my husband, have been hurting. Great… But if we could…
The kids started sobbing after the first bite. They did not want to eat fruit, as I wanted them to have steamed bocis pudding if I drew at least half of the spilled cubes. Now I was able to recover this. We got the pudding, the first bucket was publicly landed by the white bodysuit. And while I was editing the light and the perfect caption, the smaller one decided on the fruit. Of course, he overwrote the porcelain case, so it fell from the desk and into the purple.
My God ... that was our last idea, the sincerely goodbye, the design of the main body of Christmas, and what can still be imagined. Why did I think this was a good idea? I should have known it would be anyway.It doesn't matter now.The thing is, there are 42 feet in the photo.
  • Mom, how are you?
  • God, am I really that?
  • On the gate, it says "Bad Mom"
  • No acid, please!
  • The rules are there to break them sometimes
  • I go from life to life ... Is this motherhood?
  • God, am I really that?
  • You sleep, Iin awake - Where's the truth here?


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