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In the womb, "female sensation" kills

In the womb, "female sensation" kills

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Intuitive thinking is characterized by the ability to process information automatically and instinctively, with only a minimum of conscious effort. This kind of thinking is rooted in the womb.

The with intuitive thinking as opposed to reflexive thinking there is a need for more conscious effort and analysis, but two gondolkodбsmуdnak it has its place, where it is worth relying on one or the other. Earlier studies have shown that the amount of testosterone that is still present in the womb affects brain development, and thus affects one's behavior and health. testosterone and exposure to more light than the thought process, researchers have researched over 600 students at the Department of Economics at the University of Granada.

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To find out how much testosterone came into contact with the womb, a widely accepted method was used, namely the same finger index and the length of the index finger divided by the length of the index finger. As it is Antonio Manuel Espin, a lecturer at the University of Granada explained the larger quantities testosterone It hurts someone in the womb, the smaller the ratio of two fingers, so the person will have more masculine features, regardless of the actual gender.

The ability to think intuitively is lost in the womb

He added, however, that the female figure is much lower than that of males, so that is typically the case with more masculine personalities. And how much your reflexes are about finding the right answer. Because women tend to respond more intuitively and men tend to be more reflexive, this test tends to perform better. However, the results showed that women with from this exercise like men, that is, the amount of testosterone we give us in the womb can be predicted how much one will to think intuitively or reflexivelyand it has also become clear that this effect is more pronounced in women.
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