Is it okay to use the same nose pads on both of my kids?

Is it okay to use the same nose pads on both of my kids?

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Rhinoplasty is the most practical, simplest tool if you can see your baby and still not be able to rinse your nose. But what if the brothers and sisters have to use minimal rhinoceros and both?

Because newborns and young babies can only breathe through the nose and are not capable of flabby nasal discharge, it is up to the parent to remove the small I have a "sting", a whisk, and a whooping nose as many times as possible.And why use a nose for a picnic? Because when the nose is done with the wrong technique, the elbows are suppressed on the ear, face and forehead, causing more severe inflammation there. Make sure you always use your nose until your child can properly drain his / her nose. This is nice so far, but it is rare to see what happens when you have two little children. Is it possible for one's body to use the same nose or to have two worthwhile? It is very likely that there are other and other infections in children, so if we use the same nose, there is a risk that they will cross the stomach in the best way we can, ! Unless we can disinfect them in the right way after every use (just as they should be). But when we look at the practice, it is most unlikely that one of the kids will "scratch" with the runny nose to cleanse the nose thoroughly. (Via)
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