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The love hormone even before marriage

The love hormone even before marriage

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Oxytocin is often called a love hormone, but according to American and Norwegian researchers, it is also possible to call it a hormone.

The love hormone even before marriage

According to our results, when we realize that our partner is less interested, our brains are love hormone begins to increase production, helping to repair the relationship. "When people realize that their partners are less excited about their relationship, they start to produce different," releasing hormones, "he explained. Andreas Aarseth Kristoffersen, a research fellow at NTNU Psychology. The effects of the oxytocin hormone on the relationship have been recognized and studied to date. The hormone mentioned is very good for you let us feel better about him And it reduces anxiety. The hormone is also released by our brain during orgasm, and also helps the mother and her child to contract. However, history does not end in love and in bondage. "There are two big theories. Some researchers believe that oxytocin is mainly produced and strengthens when you are a Hungarian." "Others, however, think that oxytocin is produced better when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. In this case, the hormone helps to establish new social relationships. You believe both sides are right," NTNU researches. studied the effect of oxytocin on relationships. The study looked at 75 American couples and 148 Norwegian adults, all of whom were in a relationship. " Before and during the inquiries, we measured the levels of oxytocin in the respondent. Higher levels were observed when subjects expressed increased hesitation. In this case, the hormone can be referred to as a "love hormone." Yes, oxytocin can be linked to a person's attachment, and this connection is stronger if you feel that it binds better than the other person, "said M. Nicholas. , PhD, first author of the research. The most important results came when both partner contracting vizsgбltбk. More oxytocin was released in the mention of the relationship in the people who did more in the relationship than in the partners. Here, oxytocin behaves as a kind of "hormone". "It's interesting that hormone production is increased, even if it's okay, even when it's not, but the results show that it does," explained Aarseth Kristoffersen. But why is this so? "When we feel that our partner's senses are uncertain, more effort and commitment is required on our part"Aarseth Kristoffersen added. For example, working with a relationship to do so much more effectively doubles the amount of investment that your partner might be interested in. that in this situation, it helps to motivate and save the relationship.However, it seems - fortunately for many - there is a limit to this process. there is no increase in oxytocin levels. "There is no point investing in a wasted thing."
That's what the love hormone does to your body
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