That is how love changes the minds of children

That is how love changes the minds of children

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Emotional punishment and neglect have very serious long-term consequences: it affects brain function and cognitive development, and it also has a very clear meaning.

"The effect of severe mental neglect and punishment on children will not only be smaller, but their structure will change, causing developmental disabilities, cognitive deficits, and memory problems." Bruce Perry Professor, head of the psychiatric department at the Texas Children's Hospital in a study that shows two CT scans of the brain of a child of the same age. "On the left is a healthy three-year-old brain growing up in a happy family environment, while on the right is a small child who is severely neglected. In the brain, which is smaller in size than a healthy child, changes can be observed, such as in elderly people with dementia. "There is a clear difference between lovingly raised and neglected little brains We have already known that neglect and mental punishment can have extremely serious physical consequences, including fish, but cognitive effects are less addressed by professionals. According to Dr. Perry neglected, punished children find it more difficult to establish healthy relationships, they may become overly addictive or they may become completely depressed.Another study has shown that children with post-traumatic stress disorder have a reduced hippocampal size. This area of ​​the brain is responsible for the memory and the regulation of feelings. "Everyday, healthy development naturally requires a certain amount of stress, but excessive stress can be extremely harmful," he said. dr. Victor Carrion, psychiatrist at Stanford Children's Hospital (via)You may also be interested in:
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