The hottest week of the year so far - Keep up with the kid

The hottest week of the year so far - Keep up with the kid

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The hottest week of the year is coming, and the temperature of the dunes can reach 35 degrees. What should we pay attention to?

Rather, the children are taken out only in small duvetsWhen it's so hot, the most important thing is folyadйkpуtlбs. Many people do not know, but it is very important that the child is not only given water, because it does not waste the material properly. Electrolyte intake céljбbуlwater, soup, fruit juice, milk, whipped cream also for children.An infant from 1 to 3 years of age should have a daily fluid supply of 1.5 to 2 liters per can. This includes liquids in food. In general, there is also insomnia: do not force the child to eat as much as he / she is comfortable with. Although it may seem strange, lukewarm or warm tea is just as cool as cold. The fluids lower the body by secreting it from the sweat gland, and then the sweat evaporates from the skin. However, for sweating, proper fluid intake and proper clothing are essential to prevent sweating.
As far as we can solve, don't take it out children in general can be avoided. Reduce activity, kids shouldn't move too much in the high heat.When we are out there, of course, use sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, lightweight, well-ventilated clothing. In high heat, sunburn is easier when the child experiences headaches, thinness, malaise, and reacts with plenty of fluids and cooling. However, if you experience vomiting, you should consult a doctor.You should not jump into cold water with a heated body, but rather gradually enter the water. As well as playing in the garden pool alone, a child who cannot fall should never be left alone even in shallow water - we are hot tensed and aware of the fact that it is caused by the high heat. Let's try to be more patient with ourselves and with our children.Related articles in this article:
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