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As of March 1, 2009, he was a burglar in the Kazincbarcika County House. The company, unique in the country, has taken over the company, which works with professionals and support from the University of Debrecen. (This article was published in July 2009.)

dr. Pastor Gbor
Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

This also applies to births, where the chief of the department, dr. Pastor Gabriel gives me a lasting pleasure. Knowledge, professional support, blood upgrades are good even if the clinic in Debrecen and the small Kazincbarcic hospital for childbirth, including maternity and childbirth.
- We have eighteen ounces in 24 ounces rooming. Mothers do not find formula, soothers. When the milk is consumed, the baby gets up to a couple of sips of water, says the chief doctor. - In the living room, a ball, a ribbed wall, and a baby chair will help with the feud, but anyone who doesn't want to live with them can also walk around and fill the blood flow. We can also do CTG, infusion, or stop. It is also possible to eat and drink when in press. Of course, the relatives can be there for the rest. We put out a separate dressing room for the dad and locked their belongings into the key while the baby was staying in the living room. We made the living rooms cozy with tiny details. But more important than the pleasant rooms, what kind of punishment is involved in the butter. In Kazincbarcik, nothing happens without the consent of the baby. Gauging is not automatic. An experienced doctor and nurse will determine whether to recommend birth control and decide how to do it with the mother.

The baby is all day
They can be with their mother
Photo: Haralambidou Anthoula

- The proportion of cesarean sections is well below our national level, - says the chief physician. - All in all, we are doctors in the department, but unfortunately, depending on where I see them, all of them are old-fashioned males. We shouldn't be mistaken for ending without a reason. When a pregnant mother comes to make me have surgery, we explain why natural birth is better, and most people who have knowledge will accept the bookkeeper. I believe that pain comes from the fear of an unknown currency, so we place great emphasis on enlightenment both in the bedroom and during the months of pregnancy. Another year in the class, there was no vacuum birth. It is very safe to have a pediatrician at your parents' disposal at all times.
In the maternity ward, mothers spend four days in bright, spacious rooms. Next to them is a baby in their own baby that they take with them as many times as they want. Slightly tanned babies do not receive treatment, but rather encourage breastfeeding as the best antidote to physiological urgency. In 2009, the department also received the title WHO-UNICEF Baby Friendly.Facts, figures
  • The annual number of births in 2008 was 804.
  • The proportion of cuttings is 17 percent.
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • You can choose a baby.
  • The dressing is performed in spinel anesthesia, and the dad may be present in the surgical procedure.
  • It is not compulsory for a candidate to be born.


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