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Super Stone Age Animated Movie for the Whole Family (X)

Super Stone Age Animated Movie for the Whole Family (X)

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In Chick Run, Wallace and Gromit, and Shaun, the latest crazy family animation game from the creators of the bear, almost all round, as long as the ages of the ages, are not occupied by the bronze, are the money.

Old and old would fall into the limp, but the young and unkind old hound, Kutylac, would dare and try to put on gloves. If you think of plans that are not too far-fetched, you will get your beloved home back. But if they fail, they'll work in the bullpen forever ...An unforgettable all-night adventure it was made with extremely time-consuming and subtle so-called stop-motion techniques, as did the work of the Aardman studio and the more recent Oscar-winning Nick Park. The essence of the procedure is that the figures (typically plasticine) set in the raised angle are always shot in a very small motion, and the images are combined to create animation. Since 24 frames are completed in one second, they were completed in the studio in just 4-5 seconds. Naturally, they worked in more ways at the same time, that is, in more scenes, more people worked in parallel. At the moment, 33 animators worked in a total of 37 studios, which resulted in extremely complex logistics. To ensure that each character's movement remains consistent, only one character is allowed per animator. In addition to moving, of course, the preparation of objects in the background also required considerable work. For example, in each studio, sixty trees were set up in the dept, and one person worked on a tree for a full week. In light of all of this, it is perhaps not surprising that the protagonist's little figure took a full year from the initial ideas to the final film version. Before that, 63 different versions of Aardmann were tested. Plasticine figures are made with different mouths, which are then swapped for setting. These lips are made for different sounds to make your speech look alive. For example, 23 different mouths were made for her figurehead. Magyar In the Hungarian version he sings in the voice of Dávvid Szatory, and Other well-known artists include Róbert Alföldi, Imre Csuja, Balázs Láng, Zalán Makranczi and Roland Czetх.


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