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More iron, bigger baby?

More iron, bigger baby?

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Pregnant mothers who take a lot of iron during their first trimester of pregnancy usually give birth to their newborns at higher birth rates.

According to a study, daily intake of every 10 milligrams of excess iron increased the birth weight of fetuses by an average of 34 grams.
However, English researchers say the opposite has not been proven - small mothers who do not have enough iron intake during early pregnancy do not give birth to low-birthweight babies. The more iron that mothers bring to their bodies through nutrition and nutrition supplements, the bigger their children will be, according to the report published in Human Reproduction.
US professional guidelines suggest that pregnant women should take 27 milligrams of iron a day, whereas in England it is 15 milligrams a day - the amount of iron found in about 6 roasted chicken breasts, 15 chunks of fresh spinach, or flesh. Most pregnancy vitamins contain 18 milligrams of iron, the monthly amount of which is between $ 3 and $ 40.
"The body's iron stores are subjected to extra stress during pregnancy" - wants Nisreen Alwanwho is a researcher at the Institute of Dietetics and Nutrition at the University of Leeds. Most pregnant women in England still do not inject more basic iron into their body, gaining more than 11.8 milligrams more on average. In the trials, 1,260 women were tested in every third of the pregnancies. The lower limit for normal birth weight is 2500 grams. In the study, the average weight at birth was 3400 grams, and only every 25 children were born with a weight below 2500 grams. Daily intake of 10 milligrams of iron increased the birth weight of fetuses by an average of 34 grams.

More iron, bigger baby?

"In reality, it's very small," he says Laura Caulfield, a public health professor at Johns Hopkins University who did not participate in the research.
The study also found that most British women get iron mainly from greens. This has never been tested before, the professor said. Earlier reports on the effect of iron on increasing birth weight have been published. Exposing more iron to the developing fetus can provide enough oxygen. However, the present study did not prove that iron itself is responsible for the higher birth weight, only that there is a correlation between the two factors.
Low birth weight puts newborn babies at risk because they have a greater chance of falling behind and dying before they reach the age of one year. However, this does not mean that every baby has to take iron during her pregnancy. It is important to be clear on how to get adequate amounts of iron from their diets and how to increase iron absorption in vitamin C rich fruits and greens. Vitamin C promotes iron absorption in the body. Dry beans, nipple, thickener and dried fruits are all very iron sources.
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