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Vitamin Bread Loaf And Similar Believes Beliefs Can You Fool The Kid?

Vitamin Bread Loaf And Similar Believes Beliefs Can You Fool The Kid?

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"Eat the bread shell too, Arankam, it's got the vitamin!" Who wouldn't have heard this wisdom in childhood, or anything like it from your parents, grandparents, or maybe in kindergarten, school?

We believe it very well, because what we knew about vitamins and the secrets of breading can easily make you want to eat more than just the niceties

Bread and vitamins

Or, take the example of the day of repetition, which is also a schoolboy for childbirth, as long as there is a parallelism between the amount of pink rape in the body and the art of wheezing. They wanted to whether scientific experiments were carried out in any case, it would be worthwhile to spend money on a large series of kindergarten experiments in which children in the Pillangou group eat their "food pads", as much as they can with the control group. I recommend a follow-up of 18 years. Minimum.By living with a small sample of my grandmother, we often eat egg eggs raw, according to my fond memories, one or two tablespoons of crystal sugar, which we stir in a vitamin bomb. I never questioned the health of this little cocktail, and even suspected it might be high in vitamin C because of its yellow color, you know. Since then I know that eggs have vitamin C it does not even contain traces.However, despite all this, luckily I was able to get through my childhood, neither did my teeth rush, nor did Salmonella diminish my mother's "vitamin bomb," which I specifically admired and preached, is this candied egg for my kids? Obviously not. And to treat them with the above Neapolitan beliefs just to get him to eat? How are you doing with this? Do you threaten your child with not drinking too much because she is a sheep in the abdomen? Does this "little" invitation into childcare come in? The author is a blogger on the Mysteries blog, but you also find him on Facebook


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