Three ounces of exercise are required for small children every day

Three ounces of exercise are required for small children every day

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It may seem to an outsider that young children are constantly on the move, but experts say they would need more active games.

According to Canadian researchers, toddlers spend too much time in the stroller, feeding, and this can lead to poor exercise habits, even in adulthood. It is suggested that the little onesat least 3 ounces of active games per day are requiredand the three-year-old needs an eagle "exhaustion" of it. "The older a child is, the more they need to be physically tired. The smaller ones can be jumping, hiking, or outdoor activities, while the bigger ones include reading and cycling -"Scooter moves the kids well According to experts, nowadays, when we spend a lot of time in front of screens, it is especially important for children to sleep well, spend a lot of time outdoors, and play and exercise more. "If we are able to control children's behavior early enough, we can lay the foundation for them to be stronger, healthier, and even better," he said. dr. Mark Tremblay, head of the Healthy Life Department at the Ottawa Hospital. Outdoors, lots of exercise and play are not only for the body but it also benefits the mindbecause it also stimulates brain development. And most parents agree that the more a child moves, the better and more peaceful he'll sleep (via)You may also be interested in:
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